Politics A Good Way to Meet

Push Two Agenda's

This would be an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. It would hopefully promote your agenda and also give you the opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex.

Currently two shows on TV are presenting this scenario. It occurs to me that watching these shows can be helpful in the noble pursuit of talking to people.

Time For A Female President?

I kind of like both shows but tilt slightly to the lady president. I think it’s giving us a kind of view that might play out if a woman made that happen for herself. I rather think that perhaps such a happening might prove a very positive thing for our country. My wife would be a good choice for president because she always thinks out of the box and boy do we need more options available in the world. I have become keenly aware of the value of out of the box thinking. I used to, just do something and then seek her thoughts afterwards. Now I consult her first and then don’t have to, do it over again. Sure my fellow men kid me about that, but you know what? Ninety nine percent of the time she offers thoughts not yet thought by yours truly or anyone else in our vicinity for that matter.

Help Society and Yourself

But all kidding aside getting involved with electing someone will greatly improve your confidence and help you meet people. And the more people you talk to, will improve your technique and that will always help you in future endeavors.

Waving Posters Displays You

You might be talking to people on the phone, putting out posters, or standing on the corner and waving a big sign and that will help your candidate and your causes; you will also be promoting yourself and that’s a great way to meet people.

Generates Like Thinking People

Letting people know how you feel on issues gets them to move one step closer to you, because they feel as you do and you bond with each other. And bonding is one-step closer to saying hey and enjoying a soda together.

Crowds Bring More Opportunities for Meeting

In case you doubt what I’m talking about watch the crowds that gather to promote their candidates. In these crowds you will see people enjoying being next to each other and enjoying a common cause. And just maybe, they will find themselves not only watching the candidate but also watching you. And that wouldn’t hurt your feelings, would it?

Runners for Office Are Always Looking for Help

So read the paper and watch the local channels on TV. This will help you find issues your concerned about and also expose you to candidates that are of your choosing. Or hop on the Internet and select your party choice and go from there. They the parties and the candidates are all looking for human support and they will find a volunteer job just suited for your temperament.

Helps Practice Meeting

And then as things move along you’ll find yourself more outward and more inclined to promote your own personal agenda and that of course would be to find someone to share your thoughts and maybe your heart with. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Editor_Tupp