Read & Find a Date

Book Stores

Book establishments are ideal locations to mingle with people and they create easy ways to talk to each other. People who love to read share a special connection to each other and they are always eager to share what they have read and how they feel about the subject. It’s like they live the material they read and it gives them a different identity depending on what they have read or what they are currently reading. And they are more then eager to debate the value of what someone writes. Some get so engrossed in there reading that there life becomes whatever they read and they use reality only when the have to.

Talked to Me First

Recently I visited a new bookstore and I stayed there for two hours. At one point I noticed a person with a cup of coffee and for some reason I focused on him for a minute or two. He went right past me and asked two ladies if they minded if he joined them sitting at their table, both said they didn’t mind. And instantly they all started talking to each other as if they were old friends. While I watched that event unfold and a lady walked by me and said that’s a good book your holding. buy it you’ll like it. I said that’s good to know; thank you for sharing that with me. And she walked away. Now I’m married and not even looking and look that happened to me.

He Lived by Reading

My uncle was a die-hard reader. You hardly ever found him without a book. And because of this reading he knew everything about everything. What he read wasn’t important, he just wanted to read and he didn’t care what it was.

Love Finds Love

He had no confidence in himself and was the shyest person in the word. Then one day while sitting in the library at the mature age of sixty-seven he was jolted by someone pushing a cart of books. It turned out to be a lady who had recently moved into the area and was volunteering to help reorganize the library into a new computer system; that would eventually allow members to find and locate book material they wanted to find. They were carbon copies of each other. There only difference was he was a he and she was a she. They bonded like two stray dogs and only exited each other to visit the bathroom or when work called. If a library could bond two bookworms imagine what it can do for you.

Popular Place to Meet

One time when I worked at the hospital I was always hearing the nurses talking about meeting men and two of those places they talked about a lot was the library and a local bar.

Age Knows no Limits when it comes to Dating

When I worked at this high-rise facility which was filled mostly by senior citizens they frequently talked about finding there companions at either the library of the senior center.

Age Makes you More Valuable

Now I don’t know what rung of the latter your life is on, but from what I have observed almost everyone in life who is unconnected is looking to find someone and age is no barrier to finding someone to be in your life.

So Grab a Book & Smile

Just recently I noticed a piece in the paper, which showed a ninety five year old gentlemen tying the knot with his childhood sweet heart. They lost track of each other and got married to other people. Their partners passed away and they found each other again while visiting the local library. You know what they say? The proof is in the pudding. So rent a book from the library and make the subject matter about pudding and maybe a book will lead you to someone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Paul Keleher