Where Theres People Theres Dating Possibilities

Volunteers Get More Opportunities

I spent the better part of my life living in a small town called St. Joseph Michigan. I grew up in a house over looking Lake Michigan. And as towns go it was a good place to live.

Started a New Festival Event

In my recent years living there the community decided to put on a community event and called it the Venetian Festival. The first year they had it; it was a modest success and every year after that it just got bigger and bigger. Now I think the town is trying to down play the event because it’s gotten so big.

Sold Tickets to Receive a New Car

My wife and I were contacted by a couple I knew from High school who asked us to help them and become volunteers. Our job would be to sell raffle tickets from a booth location. We always worked Saturdays generally for 1 to 3 PM. It reminded me of the time I worked at my parent’s amusement part which was only two blocks away from where the raffle booth was located. And we always had a great time seeing new people and meeting old friends from the past.

Possibilities Came To Me

If I had been single it would have been a great place to meet people. The other volunteers were everywhere. Walking and selling tickets, picking up trash and literally gobs of other jobs. Everyone who worked the festival wore festival tee shirts; maybe hats and all wore identification cards on the shirts. As a volunteer you had endless opportunities to meet new and old acquaintances. During the event volunteers had a special tent to go to and enjoyed refreshments furnished by one or more of the local vendors in the area. Even after the festival volunteers were brought together for a thank you volunteer party which produced relaxing drinks and food and this was all free. Once again another opportunity to meet people.

Volunteer Coat Collector

Across the river from this location was the yacht Club and in the fall volunteers collected donated coats for people who needed them in the wintertime.

Helped Distribute Warm Clothing

As a director of a local senior & disabled housing facility, I received a bulletin asking me to notify my tenants of the event and through that process tenants could request a coat by filling out information concerning there coat size and then I and my helpers would visit the facility and select winter coats for my renters who needed them. And the process was done in a discreet way so that one receiving a coat could feel comfortable about knowing there needs were not being shared with there local neighbors and friends. This was a good thing to do and it really helped people in a real way.

Enjoyed Being With Kids

I had a friend who was a die-hard bachelor, the last time I saw him, he was in charge of a food facility located in a public park that promoted soccer, baseball and tennis. And boy did he play the field. He was a great person to know, because he was always high on being around the kids who he genuinely cared about. I know this because one day while sharing a few beers he shared the story of his childhood and it was a scary experience for him and even then his eyes swelled when he talked about it. And because he was a great giver of himself to the kids, the mothers found him adorable too.

So Become a Helper & That Will Help You Meet Possibilities

So are you getting the jest of what I’m trying to say? Volunteer because it’s good for you emotionally and it helps other people. And a by-product of your generosity is rewarded by meeting people who may become your love mate or may assist you in finding that special person. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by awnisALAN