Tried to Elope

Helped Others Find Each Other

One day while waiting for the elevators to be repaired I was joined by one of my neighbors. Her name was Harriet and she to my knowledge never got married. She had retired years ago after spending a lifetime working at the local newspaper. She wrote a column, which answered questions of those who were looking for love solutions or ways to find that special person.

They Tried to Elope But Parents Stepped In

I had just recently married for the second and last time. She asked how things were going? I told her I couldn't imagine things being any better. She proclaimed she felt that way once. She told me that she and this young man and her both under age were going to run off and elope somewhere because their parents wouldn't give their permission for them to marry. She said they were madly in love and planned on getting married on the next weekend. But she said with tears in her eyes that her parents had discovered her plans and shipped her off to boarding school and when she was allowed to return the boy and his family had moved and she never saw him again. She said even today when she thinks of him those feelings of love return with the same intensity she felt then. We talked for a few minutes more then the elevators were fixed and we parted company.

Still Misses Him

Every once in awhile I would think about what she told me and how she reacted when she talked about him and their plan to run off and get married and how even after all this time she still feels the same about him.

I Helped Make it Happen for Her

Then I decided I was going to find this man if I could. So I solicited the aid of a friend who’s into the computer stuff. I gave him the name Harriet shared with me. In less time then it took me to eat lunch I had his telephone number and where he lived. My friend also told me he was married but his wife died five years ago. I called him and told him who I was and about the conversation I had with an old flame of his. At first he would not talk to me, I left my number hoping he would call me back. Three months later he called and asked me how Harriet was doing? I said great but she still misses the love of her life. He told me that yes he got married and loved her dearly, but Harriet was always his only one true love and he wondered if meeting her would be a good Idea. After all he said I’m seventy six and a mere shadow of a man compared to what I used to be. I asked him if it would be ok for me to broker a meeting between the two of them, if Harriet liked the idea? He said yes. I called Harriet and told her I would like to speak to her face to face. She said yes but wondered what it was all about. I told her I would explain everything when we met.

They Both Still Loved Each Other

When I told her I found her boy hood sweet heart she started crying and smiling both at the same time. Especially when I told her he wanted to see her and felt the same about her today as he did way back when.

They Shared Their Last Together

He with no help from me knocked on the door and both by their facial expressions showed that they both found the love of their youth. I felt like the third person and quickly exited their presence. Days later Harriet told me that he felt and smelled just like he did way back when they first met. They never married but did live together in harmony till the both passed away. She passed first and then shortly there after he joined her. I don’t know where they are but I bet their looking at each other and loving every moment of it.

I wrote this article to show the value of finding the right person and letting your feelings do the selecting.

Don L. Terrill

photo by aeu04117


Laughing is a Magnet for Meeting

Laughing Attracts People To You

Remember when laughing was as normal as breathing? When the littlest things or gestures made you laugh and it like lasted all day. And how your laughter brought you closer to those laughing with you. It’s a shame that we can’t keep the joy of laughter in our life for the rest of our life.

Laughing is a Good Thing to Share

I for a short time had the rare privilege to engage numerous people who were in the late stages of dying from cancer. It happened while I was working at a local hospital. I worked maintenance on the second shift and was the only person on duty to assist in doing anything that came up. One day I would be repairing a bed and the next day fixing a hole in the roof. I was the man that everyone called and expected to solve any problem brought before me. My area of influence involved people who were either getting better or preparing to die. Today I would like to share with you a room of cancer patients who saw dying in many different ways.

I Experienced Both Sides of Being

The cancer section of the hospital was like many parts of the hospital was under renovation, which helped and hurt patients depending on how they were dealing with their situation. When I would come in every night I would receive instructions on what they wanted to change in this section of the hospital. Which for the most part were trivial things to do like changing lights to new ones and other simple things like that. While working in oncology which was a better word then cancer, I had the eye opening experience of how many people with different back grounds, races, cultures and up bringing, dealt with the reality of their dying. I worked in oncology for one month and constantly viewed the goings and comings of those traveling through to perpetual life or the ashes depending on how you feel about this journey. I came to know many patients and never knew if I would see them the next work day.

Their Love Brought Them Together

But one lady who I frequently shared my dinner with made a huge change in my thinking. I would sit by her bed and when she could she would ask to share something I was eating. I honestly don’t think she consumed more then two shovels of anything while we talked. She said she just wanted to remember what food tasted like. She said it made her feel good inside. She always tried to laugh even thought it caused her discomfort. She told me one day that laughing brought her and her husband together. She said he wasn’t a looker but he was a great laughter and that laughing made her laugh. She said he even laughed while he was saying I do.

Lunch Was Optional

I really enjoyed sitting with her and somehow felt the incredible connection with her. Like I’ve known her all my life. Our conversations covered a wide variety of subjects, which we debated from time to time. In many ways were totally different but that never stopped us from becoming friends. Every day I packed a different lunch and tried to include items that she could eat if she was feeling well enough.

She Knew Love & Sought it in the After Life

Then one day my friend stopped laughing, her clock stopped ticking and I realized at one point that I was talking only to myself. She looked restful and I just held her hand till I felt the warmth of her life leave her body. I didn’t inquire as to where she was going nor did I talk to any relative, mainly because I never saw anyone visit her except the attending staff and me.

Just Talk and Care and Love will find you

I am a better person for knowing Genie and when my time comes I look forward to sharing lunch with a special person who likes laughing while I draw closer to the light.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rick


Date To Succeed

Never Lose Sight of the Goal Line

We all struggle with issues in our life and most tract records are more inclined to be on the negative side then the positive side. In other words we lose more times then we win. And the reason that we fail is because after all is said and done we end up being right where we started. We conger up all our will power and make a sprint for the goal line and win the race. Then we reward ourselves for winning by taking one step backward one day at a time till were back at the starting gate and then with remorse we repeat the process again and again until the day when our goal moves farther away and then we lose sight of the goal and we concede and never try again.

Up & Down

Think of all the things you achieved only to return in time to the place where you started. It’s a vicious circle and this process makes you weaker and in time, lowers your opinion of yourself. I have come to the conclusion that reaching ones goal is only one part of the equation to win the battle; the other part is standing at the goal line and never budging backward again.


Maybe this process of perpetual madness needs more light shed on it, so we can see the folly of our actions and through this higher process enlightenment we will never again become repeat offenders.

Weight & Date

Dating is a lot like loosing weight we make successful connections but then fall back into our old negative thinking and don’t feel we deserve to have love and happiness in our life.

Be a Winner

Lets first define the problem then lets find our path to never doing things over and over again. It seems so easy at first to say I’m on a diet and I’m going down to one hundred and ninety five pounds. Then reality hits and we start to falter because we have played this game before and we know the challenges were about to face. Well let’s do this one more time and this time lets make it the last time. You know what? It’s better in my mind to stay at the top of the hill, then climbing up, falling down and climbing up again. This process is insanity and I’m done doing it ever again.

Win & Stay There

I’m going to create a life style that will maintain my weight level. I have decided that riding my exercise bike and lowering my fat intake is my journey to success. In others words when I eat too much I’m on the bike and that will keep me at the goal line. I going to weight once a week and that will determine how much I ride my bike. I personally like riding the exercise bike, it’s easy on my body and I don’t have all the aches and pains, which other forms of exercise produce. I have already dropped fourteen pounds and have twenty four pounds to go to reach my goal.

Positive Thinking

So know lets apply this thinking to dating. First we find the dating match for us and we know its true because we experience all the wonderful feelings running through our body. Then we say to ourselves I deserve this love and am never letting go of it.

Love Is the Goal Line

Now lets all of us set a new standard by which we control our lives and that is to run the race, win the goal and then never leave the podium of success again. And the podium is where hearts meet and love rules. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by waffler


I Love You Should Be Easy To Say

If It Feels Right Say It

So what’s holding you up from saying the words I love you? Do you need to build a bridge first? I remember a song about two Native Americans that loved each other but were separated by a large river. Finally they both jumped in and drowned trying to reach each other. I’m sure that song didn’t depict a real situation, but sometimes we fail to say the words that will build the bridge over the river. It’s amazing what love will do when words give love a chance to work. All day long all we do is talk, yet love talk continues to find obstacles that wont allow are feelings to be felt. Everyone who is not in tune with the art of love should come and enjoy the company of my youngest grand son he will by his words and gestures show you the path by which the arrow of love will find its mark. Yesterday my wife volunteered to watch this bundle of love just over fifteen months old. When he woke up he talked his talk and the door opened and in walked his Nana and he received and delivered his first hug of the day.

Love Needs Love

My wife said he was in special form; he talked his own language and then spoke certain English words with the clarity of a five year old. She said he pretty much played by himself and every once in awhile would by gestures indicate he wanted to be hugged and perhaps wanted something to drink or eat. But she said he always hugged her before leaving on his many journeys through the house or outside ridding in his wagon or writing with chalk on the cement.

A Giggle May Mean I Love You

Right after lunch he was put down for his afternoon nap and my wife did the same by resting in Cohen’s parents bed. She said he probably spent one hour sleeping and then wanted up. She put him in bed with her and he fell asleep again. They both slept a little then she sensed he was awake, but she just continued to lay on her back thinking he might go back to sleep. She tried to keep her eyes closed but could slightly see that he was watching her. Then he rolled over on top of her and just looked at her and smiled. She hugged him and they giggled at each other.

I Love You

Cohen by virtue of being around loving parents and family members has acquired the talent of a very smart person. He knows the value of showing he loves you. No he doesn’t say the words but he does show the meaning by his gestures. Hopefully as his life moves on he will see the value of saying what he feels and when the moment is right and the person fills his heart with love: he will say as he demonstrated yesterday, I love you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Jim Epler


Common Interests Bring Daters Together

Alcohol Brings People Together

Is this the word that most likely explains why certain people hang around certain people. For example people who enjoy drinking will gravitate to climates that produce that activity. In other words the thing they have in common is drinking and that’s one way people feel close to each other. And that is the basis by which people develop relationships that sometimes last a lifetime. Now you will notice that I didn’t mention whether this relationship is good or bad I just said it a way to make a common connection. And that’s a simple way to explain why people are drawn to each other, they have common activities and that’s makes them compatible at some level. If for some reason one of these two people stopped drinking then there connection would no longer exist and they wouldn’t feel comfortable with each other any more. Because the thing they shared was drinking.

The More You Match the More You Will Gravitate to Each Other

Now the more things you have in common will give you a greater connection together. It’s kind of like putting more cement in the mortar that holds the cement blocks together. So in simple terms the more you have in common the more likely you are to be successful in holding on to each other. So if you like drinking find people who drink and that will work out for you. I would qualify for that commonality. I belong to the brotherhood of Elks and a large part of there commonality is getting together and having fun and consuming in moderation drink that loosens the tongue and helps communication flow with greater ease. Shakespeare once wrote that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. So if something is ok with you, then it is good for you. Now this kind of thinking wouldn’t work if we were talking about things like cocaine, etc.

Compare Interests

So write down the things you like to do and use that list to find someone that shares many of the things on your list. You can use a dating service etc or just ask people about the things they like to do.

Total Interests Doesn't Mean Love Exists

Now here’s the big question. If two people are totally compatible does that mean they love each other? Of course not. Being compatible doesn’t imply you’re in love. I truly believe that love is a stand alone thing and consumes us not in a singular way but in a whole way. It like love consumes our entire mind and that’s the common denominator. Which would explain why people with no things in common can love each other. Which produced the thinking that opposites attract. To me since you don’t need to have anything in common to be in love implies that love is the most positive connection two humans can achieve together and really cant be explained by using common sense to explain how it works.

Love Is All About Love

I who in my humble perspective are one of those lucky people who have been stung by the bee of love and boy is it a great thing. Its like life is one hundred percent compatible for us. To us there is no issue of any concern that leaves the launch pad in our life that requires more then seconds of thought to resolve. Love is a unique connect that brings a common sense of purpose and never produces thoughts of a negative nature that can exist more then thirty seconds at any given time.

Love Recognizes Love If Your Paying Attention

I glad to be one of the lucky people who have achieved this wonderful relationship with someone else. I wish everyone in the universe could obtain this connection and that would produce one great planet to live on. I wish I could say to everyone just go to the store buy a red apple and that would find you love. But I think that finding love might just be just that simple. Maybe we should stop looking for love and let love find us. Maybe a good starting point would be to consider all people a choice and just maybe we will ignore what we think love is and just let love take its course. I’m starting to think that we have a special sense and that is the sense to know what true love is. So find love in yourself and just maybe your love will attract another’s love and then that’s makes that special love that stands alone and you will live happily ever after.

That’s why I love, love. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Kelly In Seattle