Common Interests Bring Daters Together

Alcohol Brings People Together

Is this the word that most likely explains why certain people hang around certain people. For example people who enjoy drinking will gravitate to climates that produce that activity. In other words the thing they have in common is drinking and that’s one way people feel close to each other. And that is the basis by which people develop relationships that sometimes last a lifetime. Now you will notice that I didn’t mention whether this relationship is good or bad I just said it a way to make a common connection. And that’s a simple way to explain why people are drawn to each other, they have common activities and that’s makes them compatible at some level. If for some reason one of these two people stopped drinking then there connection would no longer exist and they wouldn’t feel comfortable with each other any more. Because the thing they shared was drinking.

The More You Match the More You Will Gravitate to Each Other

Now the more things you have in common will give you a greater connection together. It’s kind of like putting more cement in the mortar that holds the cement blocks together. So in simple terms the more you have in common the more likely you are to be successful in holding on to each other. So if you like drinking find people who drink and that will work out for you. I would qualify for that commonality. I belong to the brotherhood of Elks and a large part of there commonality is getting together and having fun and consuming in moderation drink that loosens the tongue and helps communication flow with greater ease. Shakespeare once wrote that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. So if something is ok with you, then it is good for you. Now this kind of thinking wouldn’t work if we were talking about things like cocaine, etc.

Compare Interests

So write down the things you like to do and use that list to find someone that shares many of the things on your list. You can use a dating service etc or just ask people about the things they like to do.

Total Interests Doesn't Mean Love Exists

Now here’s the big question. If two people are totally compatible does that mean they love each other? Of course not. Being compatible doesn’t imply you’re in love. I truly believe that love is a stand alone thing and consumes us not in a singular way but in a whole way. It like love consumes our entire mind and that’s the common denominator. Which would explain why people with no things in common can love each other. Which produced the thinking that opposites attract. To me since you don’t need to have anything in common to be in love implies that love is the most positive connection two humans can achieve together and really cant be explained by using common sense to explain how it works.

Love Is All About Love

I who in my humble perspective are one of those lucky people who have been stung by the bee of love and boy is it a great thing. Its like life is one hundred percent compatible for us. To us there is no issue of any concern that leaves the launch pad in our life that requires more then seconds of thought to resolve. Love is a unique connect that brings a common sense of purpose and never produces thoughts of a negative nature that can exist more then thirty seconds at any given time.

Love Recognizes Love If Your Paying Attention

I glad to be one of the lucky people who have achieved this wonderful relationship with someone else. I wish everyone in the universe could obtain this connection and that would produce one great planet to live on. I wish I could say to everyone just go to the store buy a red apple and that would find you love. But I think that finding love might just be just that simple. Maybe we should stop looking for love and let love find us. Maybe a good starting point would be to consider all people a choice and just maybe we will ignore what we think love is and just let love take its course. I’m starting to think that we have a special sense and that is the sense to know what true love is. So find love in yourself and just maybe your love will attract another’s love and then that’s makes that special love that stands alone and you will live happily ever after.

That’s why I love, love. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Kelly In Seattle