Date To Succeed

Never Lose Sight of the Goal Line

We all struggle with issues in our life and most tract records are more inclined to be on the negative side then the positive side. In other words we lose more times then we win. And the reason that we fail is because after all is said and done we end up being right where we started. We conger up all our will power and make a sprint for the goal line and win the race. Then we reward ourselves for winning by taking one step backward one day at a time till were back at the starting gate and then with remorse we repeat the process again and again until the day when our goal moves farther away and then we lose sight of the goal and we concede and never try again.

Up & Down

Think of all the things you achieved only to return in time to the place where you started. It’s a vicious circle and this process makes you weaker and in time, lowers your opinion of yourself. I have come to the conclusion that reaching ones goal is only one part of the equation to win the battle; the other part is standing at the goal line and never budging backward again.


Maybe this process of perpetual madness needs more light shed on it, so we can see the folly of our actions and through this higher process enlightenment we will never again become repeat offenders.

Weight & Date

Dating is a lot like loosing weight we make successful connections but then fall back into our old negative thinking and don’t feel we deserve to have love and happiness in our life.

Be a Winner

Lets first define the problem then lets find our path to never doing things over and over again. It seems so easy at first to say I’m on a diet and I’m going down to one hundred and ninety five pounds. Then reality hits and we start to falter because we have played this game before and we know the challenges were about to face. Well let’s do this one more time and this time lets make it the last time. You know what? It’s better in my mind to stay at the top of the hill, then climbing up, falling down and climbing up again. This process is insanity and I’m done doing it ever again.

Win & Stay There

I’m going to create a life style that will maintain my weight level. I have decided that riding my exercise bike and lowering my fat intake is my journey to success. In others words when I eat too much I’m on the bike and that will keep me at the goal line. I going to weight once a week and that will determine how much I ride my bike. I personally like riding the exercise bike, it’s easy on my body and I don’t have all the aches and pains, which other forms of exercise produce. I have already dropped fourteen pounds and have twenty four pounds to go to reach my goal.

Positive Thinking

So know lets apply this thinking to dating. First we find the dating match for us and we know its true because we experience all the wonderful feelings running through our body. Then we say to ourselves I deserve this love and am never letting go of it.

Love Is the Goal Line

Now lets all of us set a new standard by which we control our lives and that is to run the race, win the goal and then never leave the podium of success again. And the podium is where hearts meet and love rules. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by waffler