I Love You Should Be Easy To Say

If It Feels Right Say It

So what’s holding you up from saying the words I love you? Do you need to build a bridge first? I remember a song about two Native Americans that loved each other but were separated by a large river. Finally they both jumped in and drowned trying to reach each other. I’m sure that song didn’t depict a real situation, but sometimes we fail to say the words that will build the bridge over the river. It’s amazing what love will do when words give love a chance to work. All day long all we do is talk, yet love talk continues to find obstacles that wont allow are feelings to be felt. Everyone who is not in tune with the art of love should come and enjoy the company of my youngest grand son he will by his words and gestures show you the path by which the arrow of love will find its mark. Yesterday my wife volunteered to watch this bundle of love just over fifteen months old. When he woke up he talked his talk and the door opened and in walked his Nana and he received and delivered his first hug of the day.

Love Needs Love

My wife said he was in special form; he talked his own language and then spoke certain English words with the clarity of a five year old. She said he pretty much played by himself and every once in awhile would by gestures indicate he wanted to be hugged and perhaps wanted something to drink or eat. But she said he always hugged her before leaving on his many journeys through the house or outside ridding in his wagon or writing with chalk on the cement.

A Giggle May Mean I Love You

Right after lunch he was put down for his afternoon nap and my wife did the same by resting in Cohen’s parents bed. She said he probably spent one hour sleeping and then wanted up. She put him in bed with her and he fell asleep again. They both slept a little then she sensed he was awake, but she just continued to lay on her back thinking he might go back to sleep. She tried to keep her eyes closed but could slightly see that he was watching her. Then he rolled over on top of her and just looked at her and smiled. She hugged him and they giggled at each other.

I Love You

Cohen by virtue of being around loving parents and family members has acquired the talent of a very smart person. He knows the value of showing he loves you. No he doesn’t say the words but he does show the meaning by his gestures. Hopefully as his life moves on he will see the value of saying what he feels and when the moment is right and the person fills his heart with love: he will say as he demonstrated yesterday, I love you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Jim Epler