Laughing is a Magnet for Meeting

Laughing Attracts People To You

Remember when laughing was as normal as breathing? When the littlest things or gestures made you laugh and it like lasted all day. And how your laughter brought you closer to those laughing with you. It’s a shame that we can’t keep the joy of laughter in our life for the rest of our life.

Laughing is a Good Thing to Share

I for a short time had the rare privilege to engage numerous people who were in the late stages of dying from cancer. It happened while I was working at a local hospital. I worked maintenance on the second shift and was the only person on duty to assist in doing anything that came up. One day I would be repairing a bed and the next day fixing a hole in the roof. I was the man that everyone called and expected to solve any problem brought before me. My area of influence involved people who were either getting better or preparing to die. Today I would like to share with you a room of cancer patients who saw dying in many different ways.

I Experienced Both Sides of Being

The cancer section of the hospital was like many parts of the hospital was under renovation, which helped and hurt patients depending on how they were dealing with their situation. When I would come in every night I would receive instructions on what they wanted to change in this section of the hospital. Which for the most part were trivial things to do like changing lights to new ones and other simple things like that. While working in oncology which was a better word then cancer, I had the eye opening experience of how many people with different back grounds, races, cultures and up bringing, dealt with the reality of their dying. I worked in oncology for one month and constantly viewed the goings and comings of those traveling through to perpetual life or the ashes depending on how you feel about this journey. I came to know many patients and never knew if I would see them the next work day.

Their Love Brought Them Together

But one lady who I frequently shared my dinner with made a huge change in my thinking. I would sit by her bed and when she could she would ask to share something I was eating. I honestly don’t think she consumed more then two shovels of anything while we talked. She said she just wanted to remember what food tasted like. She said it made her feel good inside. She always tried to laugh even thought it caused her discomfort. She told me one day that laughing brought her and her husband together. She said he wasn’t a looker but he was a great laughter and that laughing made her laugh. She said he even laughed while he was saying I do.

Lunch Was Optional

I really enjoyed sitting with her and somehow felt the incredible connection with her. Like I’ve known her all my life. Our conversations covered a wide variety of subjects, which we debated from time to time. In many ways were totally different but that never stopped us from becoming friends. Every day I packed a different lunch and tried to include items that she could eat if she was feeling well enough.

She Knew Love & Sought it in the After Life

Then one day my friend stopped laughing, her clock stopped ticking and I realized at one point that I was talking only to myself. She looked restful and I just held her hand till I felt the warmth of her life leave her body. I didn’t inquire as to where she was going nor did I talk to any relative, mainly because I never saw anyone visit her except the attending staff and me.

Just Talk and Care and Love will find you

I am a better person for knowing Genie and when my time comes I look forward to sharing lunch with a special person who likes laughing while I draw closer to the light.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rick