Tried to Elope

Helped Others Find Each Other

One day while waiting for the elevators to be repaired I was joined by one of my neighbors. Her name was Harriet and she to my knowledge never got married. She had retired years ago after spending a lifetime working at the local newspaper. She wrote a column, which answered questions of those who were looking for love solutions or ways to find that special person.

They Tried to Elope But Parents Stepped In

I had just recently married for the second and last time. She asked how things were going? I told her I couldn't imagine things being any better. She proclaimed she felt that way once. She told me that she and this young man and her both under age were going to run off and elope somewhere because their parents wouldn't give their permission for them to marry. She said they were madly in love and planned on getting married on the next weekend. But she said with tears in her eyes that her parents had discovered her plans and shipped her off to boarding school and when she was allowed to return the boy and his family had moved and she never saw him again. She said even today when she thinks of him those feelings of love return with the same intensity she felt then. We talked for a few minutes more then the elevators were fixed and we parted company.

Still Misses Him

Every once in awhile I would think about what she told me and how she reacted when she talked about him and their plan to run off and get married and how even after all this time she still feels the same about him.

I Helped Make it Happen for Her

Then I decided I was going to find this man if I could. So I solicited the aid of a friend who’s into the computer stuff. I gave him the name Harriet shared with me. In less time then it took me to eat lunch I had his telephone number and where he lived. My friend also told me he was married but his wife died five years ago. I called him and told him who I was and about the conversation I had with an old flame of his. At first he would not talk to me, I left my number hoping he would call me back. Three months later he called and asked me how Harriet was doing? I said great but she still misses the love of her life. He told me that yes he got married and loved her dearly, but Harriet was always his only one true love and he wondered if meeting her would be a good Idea. After all he said I’m seventy six and a mere shadow of a man compared to what I used to be. I asked him if it would be ok for me to broker a meeting between the two of them, if Harriet liked the idea? He said yes. I called Harriet and told her I would like to speak to her face to face. She said yes but wondered what it was all about. I told her I would explain everything when we met.

They Both Still Loved Each Other

When I told her I found her boy hood sweet heart she started crying and smiling both at the same time. Especially when I told her he wanted to see her and felt the same about her today as he did way back when.

They Shared Their Last Together

He with no help from me knocked on the door and both by their facial expressions showed that they both found the love of their youth. I felt like the third person and quickly exited their presence. Days later Harriet told me that he felt and smelled just like he did way back when they first met. They never married but did live together in harmony till the both passed away. She passed first and then shortly there after he joined her. I don’t know where they are but I bet their looking at each other and loving every moment of it.

I wrote this article to show the value of finding the right person and letting your feelings do the selecting.

Don L. Terrill

photo by aeu04117