Become A Scout Leader

Meeting & Scouting Works

I remember when my sons were growing up and I tried to be actively involved in things that they enjoyed. Cub scouting was one of those activities, at least for my youngest son. The boys would meet at my house and we would carry out projects and activities that were spelled out in the scouting handbook. I had six boys in my group. All of the boys were from divorced parents. Most of the times the boys were delivered to the meeting by their Mothers and that proved to be very interesting to me.

It Help Me Grow

When I took over for the gentlemen who was experiencing an illness my soul purpose was to help till he returned to the job. Little did I know that not only would the boys learn something but so would I.

Mothers Would Call Me

The Mothers from time to time would seek my advice on how to deal with their sons. I guess they thought I had some special training that gave me insight in helping boys and their parents deal with the daily problems that exist when your involved in raising children. So I would get phone calls that would allow the mothers to air there concerns about there lives and how there children were acting. I was a great listener and hardly shared a thought. I guess people just needed someone to listen while they talked. I guess that’s a good thing because they the Mothers talked a lot and didn’t hesitate to share their personal challenges to me. Like I said I hardly spoke a word and they always thanked me for being so helpful to them and there son. I would always say your welcome and please feel free to call anytime and my thoughts are with you and your son through these difficult times in raising children.

Was Asked Out

Then one day while I was talking on the phone to one of the Mothers, she asked it would be ok if she asked me out for a sandwich at the local pub, so she could talk face to face with me. I was surprised she asked and said yes if that would be helpful to her. We met and quickly developed a dating relationship. I was never really personal but it was fun and I enjoyed talking, listening and being with her.

The Boys & I Connected

In time I connected with another Mother who only lived two blocks from where I lived. She was a tad more up front and came right out and said she was very much interested in me. She said her son always talked about me and how kind I was in showing him how to do things. It turned out that the boys in my group were promoting me to their Mothers and that was very helpful to me. Not only did I enjoy being with the boys but I also enjoyed meeting the Mothers on a different level. I think my being a good listener was one of my best selling points. I think were all just dying to have someone listen to us and strangely enough I enjoyed playing that part. Maybe I should have been a priest because they are good listeners too.

I Offered a Friendly Ear

This scouting involvement gave me a great deal of insight into the human experience and taught me that everyone likes and needs someone to share their thoughts with. So if I maybe so bold, be a good listener and maybe someone might ask you out for a sandwich and that meeting may produce a real date. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by opencontent