Dancing Helps Bring Possibilities Closer

Dancing Promotes the Sniffing Process

During my nineteen years as a bachelor after my divorce. I frequently engaged in activities that involved mingling with the opposite sex. On this one particular occasion I was enjoying a beer at a local pub when in walked a friend of mine. During our conversation he indicated that he was helping this lady put on dance classes, which involved all forms of dancing. Before he left he gave me a free pass to one of their sessions at a local VFW Lodge. First I said ok but really had no desire to take up dancing. My footwork sucked to say the least.

Got Time Open on Sunday?

On Sunday I was lying around and trying to conger up something to do, when I noticed the ticket on the kitchen counter. I picked up the ticket and noticed Sunday was the day and it started at six pm. I thought to myself it beats sitting home talking to myself. I arrived at the lodge five minutes before seven and the place was packed. There were at least two women for each man. The ages of the people ranged from probably fifteen to sixty five. I signed in and gave the greeter my ticket.

I Smiled Inwardly at My First Squeeze

My friend noticed me and waved hello. Then the lady instructor called the people to order and asked them to form four lines facing her. This day they were teaching the Saturday Night Fever dance which was made popular by John Travolta. Two others and I being newbie’s were instructed to watch the others dancing and pick up what you could. Eventually we danced in pairs and switched from partner to partner. During this routine I noticed that one person squeezed my hand more tightly and warmly then the other partners I had. The session ended and I went home.

Dancing Forces Looking at Each Other

The next Sunday I paid my dues and became a regular. For three months I danced my heart out and met more girls then I thought possible by just doing one thing dancing. When someone squeezed my hand I returned the gesture and one thing lead to another. It was a simple thing to do but boy did it work. I probable danced on and off for three years didn’t learn much about dancing but I sure learned an easy way to meet girls. In time I became the initiator and squeezed first. Not all girls responded by squeezing back, but when they did I was on point and enjoying more dates then one person could handle.

Let Your Fingers Find the Places

If your looking to meet someone may I suggest you try dancing. Here in North Carolina the latest craze is the Shag. If your interested in taking some dance classes check with one of the private clubs like Elks, Moose or a VFW. If that doesn’t provide a dance class try the church route. Many churches allow many such activities to help promote their facility and teaching to the public.

So How Do You Feel

If you do take my advice pay attention to how the ladies hold your hands. If the hand feels tight and warm you might be experiencing a connection with the one your dancing with. Touching by holding hands is a great way to feel how someone feels about you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Joe Shlabotnik