Dating Requires Insight

Mull it Over First

My Dad was a kind of laid back person who liked to give due consideration to something before jumping head long into a project. He always went to a source of learning, which sometimes included a book or person. His goal was always to know where he was going before started going somewhere. On the surface he seemed a tad backward, but in reality he was always going forward. To him life was a journey of finding new friends and new ideas. He loved doing things but not just for the sake of doing them. He saw little value in going somewhere and paying someone to exercise. To him there was always something of valve to do that caused the brow to sweat.

Seek Understanding

Dad always said that talking something out first was the fastest way to get to the finish line. He never let a habit interfere with his desire to do something better. He loved finding different ways to do the same job. He took pride in his accomplishments and always shared his gratitude to those who performed good work. To him it didn’t matter if you sweep the floor or sat behind a big oak desk. To my Dad there were no black or white issues because he saw everyone for the value they represented by their words and deeds and not by some prejudice given them by those who raised them.

He Knew Who He Was

But don’t get me wrong my Father was no saint. He by his own words said he avoided sainthood because it required the thinking of a closed mind and that just didn’t work for him. My Fathers Father was a traveling minister who preached fire and brimstone with the dedication of a reformed drinker. According to my Dad his Father lived and died without knowing what the real world was all about. He said his Father was a hard man and hoped that dying was his journey to a kinder gentler place to live. I didn’t know my Dads Dad but I think passing over was a good thing for him, because he believed in the word and the word gave him flight.

Life Belongs to Us

Now that I’m older I see the futility of many things we do and think. But I see progress and that makes me see better things in our future. For centuries humans have lived and died because someone told us it was our destiny. Dad always said that faith has killed more people then any other one single idea in the universe.

Value People by Their Actions

Maybe we need to be more laid back and see the right and wrong of the words spoken to us. Then maybe the light of real meaning will encourage us to understand that love is not hate and the two will never mix, no matter how eloquent the speaker is.

Only Date Serious When You Know Their Goal

My Dad always taught me that everyone has an agenda and its best to know their true purpose before following their words. This especially applies to dating and mating. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by emme-dk