Dating Requires a Winning Attitude

Dating to Win

Last night I watched skaters pin all their hopes and dreams on winning and standing tall on the presentation podiums. At first I felt happy for those who won. Then I felt some sadness for those who tried so hard and for so long to achieve their goal. But then I came to my senses and realized that everyone there was already a winner because they tried there best and doing your best makes you a winner every time.

Hang in There

Success should be judged by each step of the journey and each step should be considered a success. Making the goal more important then the journey is judging yourself entirely by the goal and that can lead to a sense of failure and that if promoted will affect your step achievements in the future. We all hang to many of our hopes on achieving a certain goal. If you do this you may never in your mind be successful at anything. Stop thinking of success as the goal and focus your attention on the steps and judge yourself by the steps you take because in reality each step is a success and that is better then achieving a particular goal.

Keep Moving Your Heart Will Tell You When to Stop

I think we all should have a focus on our future and how we see it. But life doesn’t always take us were we want to go and nor should it. I see life as a road map what shows roads going in all directions. Sometimes we drive north but end up going south. Does that make your a failure no, it just means you changed your mind. The truth of the matter is this. You’ll never know the value of something till you experience it. Then and only then will your feelings tell you what you really feel about something.

Always Be Proud of Your Trying

Judging yourself on your present situation is really being unfair to yourself. I know this because sometimes I do this to myself. But then I think of my achievements and take pride in my successes. I also sometimes forget to judge myself by looking at myself only and not on the status of others. We all have journeys and all these life experiences contain successes that we all should remind ourselves of.

Happiness Will Be Your Reward

Dating and finding the right person for you is a lot like climbing to the top of the Empire State building using one of their stairwells. Each floor represents a new person to meet and that’s a success, because you’re trying. Your goal will be achieved when you reach the right floor and you life partner is waiting for you.

Remember failures are part of the journey and success is each step of the way. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ewen and donabel