Possibilities Are Everywhere

Probably Closer Then You Think

How do I find someone? And where are they? The first answer is try and the second is everywhere. I know you would rather I be a tad more specific but that isn’t how finding someone works. Being more specific would require skills of a fortuneteller or a person who gives readings. I have experienced two such people in my lifetime. What I was told by each person rang true to me. A gypsy fortuneteller told me when I was fifteen that I would attempt to join the marines just before my 18th birthday but before signing I would be asked to do something else. A person who gives readings told me exactly what I was currently doing, who I was dating and who controlled my life. Both predictions were right on point. I’m not pro or con on the subject just merely giving you the facts, so you be the judge.

Were Listening With Hope in Mind

I think all to often-such persons merely tell us what we want to hear. And that’s the art of manipulation and not really reading the future. I’m on the fence on this subject.

Just Interact and Wait for Results

If this method seems questionable to you or it hasn’t worked maybe reality should be considered. Maybe the answers are easy as look and everywhere. I’m sure you’re like me and would rather have someone do this for you. If the truth were know most people find their mate by just wondering through life and it’s like you run into each other. I honestly believe and have backed this up by talking to couples who say the same thing. They all say that finding someone was driven by other forces rather then by themselves. Most said they were not even looking at the time. Nor did they recognize the first advance someone made towards them. That’s probably why so many people get hit by cars they’re just not looking. Maybe this not looking is a good thing for us. If were not looking maybe were just enjoying life and that perhaps makes us more ready to engage other people on a lower level of communication and aren’t thinking whether or not they might be candidates for dating. Maybe through this blindness we find value we were not looking for and grade people by their inners and not by the way they look or etc.

Don't Jump to Conclusions

Maybe we should not judge a book by its cover and read the pages first. Covers are for gaining your attention, but pages tell the story. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Antikris