Ski & Meet

A Common Goal, To Get Away

One time while being a free soul and constantly on the prowl for new faces to meet. I joined a ski group made up of people who wanted to learn the fine art of skiing. But during my tenure as one of there members we never suited up and slid down any hill side. I often wondered why that never happened. But we did however go on many bus trips and consumed large quantities of anything that contained alcohol in it. From the time you got on the bus and returned home the entire journey was sprinkled with little sleep, drinking and the fine art of too many people sleeping in the same room. It was like togetherness with extreme prejudice. For example maybe there were thirty people on the bus equally divided between girls and boys and there were two people assigned to each fifteen rooms. But madness prevailed and everyone before the last alcohol was consumed decided to sleep in two rooms only. And to my recollection there was no hanky panky going on. It was like everyone wanted to be together before the sand man showed up and the spell of sleep was granted to all of us. This particular trip was my first and I was impressed how kind everyone was to each other. I finally figured out what their gatherings were all about. The weekend trip was therapy for people who didn’t want to lay on a couch, they chose just to let themselves go and become a big family, which provided comfort for each other.

Paddled Into the Water

On this particular trip we were scheduled for two canoe trips. Names were drawn from a hat and canoe partners were selected. And as usual it was a combination of each sex in each canoe. My partner had never canoed before and had a fetish for not wanting to get her hair wet. I had canoed some but was by no means a hardened veteran. Everyone was told to secure their valuables in a plastic bag and somehow attach that bag to themselves. This was done in case the canoe capsized and a persons articles could be lost. Also the paddles, beer, food and dry clothing were tied securely to the canoe.

Started by Getting Wet

When my partner and I got in the boat I informed her not to grab any tree branches along the way because that might capsize the canoe. I was a small stream and there were many over hanging branches everywhere we went. Our journey of bliss only lasted about one minute when my companion ignored my warning and grabbed a branch. As I predicted the boat capsized and her hair got all wet. While in the water I grabbed her, the canoe and managed to stand up all at the same time. Mean while she was screaming she was going to drown. I gently at first suggested she stand up, when that didn’t work I grabbed her by her trouser belt and pulled her up. To her surprise she was only waist deep in the water. She violated her one desire and got her hair wet. She and I looked like harden veterans before that day was over.

Attacked by Would be Indians

I foolishly thought that the rest of our journey would be like going to Disney World boy did I have a surprise coming. Apparently there was a large college only two clicks from this one spot in the stream. At one point we had to make a hard left and if we didn’t paddle hard are canoe would have crashed into the shoreline. Apparently we didn’t try hard enough and as predicted we beached ourselves along with probably a dozen other canoes. The to our surprise we were startled by a raiding party of college Indians that jumped out of the bushes dressed as savages and turned over our canoes and absconded with some of our beer and etc. We lucked out and lost nothing thats because I spend more time then most securing same to the canoe.

A Contest to Show the Most

Then about one hour later we came across a gathering of college kids drinking, eating and having a wet shirt contest. I’m not sure if they were involved in our previous Indian attack and they protested no knowledge of same. But I did notice that some of their beer containers were wet. They allowed us to join them and a good time was had by all.

We Passed Boot Camp

Finally we climbed back into the bus and traveled home knowing well that we challenged the wild and we survived. This group participation made me many partial friends, some dates and we always laughed when we ran into each other. I was amazed to find out who these people were in the community. They were all hard working people who were either single or divorced.

It Gave Us Wellness

I guess therapy comes in many forms and this was one of them. No one got hurt, everyone had a good time and the therapy we received helped us all. And we shared our dreams and some even found more togetherness when they got off the bus. You never know what todays doing will give you tomorrow.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Savannah Grandfather