A Date Is Often Close By

They Both Worked in Sanitation

Jeb spent two years enjoying the college life until his parents decided to stop funding his failure to read the books and attend classes. Jeb found it hard to think when the influence of the hops occupied most of his activity.

Needed to Work

Desperation forced him to join a fellow non-learner and the two of them joined dumping trash in the back of a truck. The money was good and that money kept them going through the bar door where wellness prevailed at least for them till the final call for drinks echoed in the wee hours of morning.

His Friend Saw the Light

Finely Jebs co-worker found the light and begged for forgiveness from his parents and once again he was back in school but this time things were different. He gave up the booze and spent all his time learning.

Now the Driver

Jeb was now driving the truck and not doing the work at the back. Then one day while visiting the main office for a new test requirement Jeb peed in the container, failed the test and then spent the last of his money feeling sorry for himself.

Woke Up in the Drunk Tank

While existing the bar with pockets empty Jeb miss handled the curb and fell face down in the street and almost got run over by a passing cop car. Sometimes bad luck follows bad luck and Jab experienced the drunk tank at jail and then got released in the morning. Now broke and bruised on the face he called home and asked if they could pick him up. They did and offered him the comfort of home while he recovered.

A Friendly Voice on the Phone

While there he called the sanitation company in the hope they stilled owed him some money. Luck was finally turning for him because they owed him some. A girl in the office offered to deliver his final check to him.

Hope Rang the Door Bell

The doorbell ring, he answered the door and there stool the cutest girl he had ever seen. They talked and found each wanting to talk more in time they moved into together and love seemed to be there gift for finding each other.

Pig Picking

Oh and Jeb was a friend of my stepsons and we all enjoyed a pig picking a while back. I think love is in the air and both are doing great. And guess what sanitation brought them together.

Happiness is everywhere so keep your eyes open and love on your mind. Because love is always looking for love.

Don L. Terrill

photo by SqueakyMarmot

A Touch Says Yes, Maybe or No

Touching Is a Touching Thing

When I was younger my parents wanted me to appreciate the finer things of life and one of those things was dancing, which I thought was a sissy thing to do. In my mind dancing was for girls. Boy was I one hundred percent wrong.

A Firm Grip

I learned most of my dancing from a couple who taught dancing for a living. The lady was quite busty and always insisted I hold her tightly while we danced, that was a good thing. In time I learned the ballroom dancing. Those were the dances my Mother really liked.

A Gathering of Learners

Later in life I met a blond lady who said she was an acquaintance of my parents. She told me she held dancing classes at numerous legion halls in the area. I saw her ad in the paper and I decided I was going to give her a try. There were probably thirty people in the class, seventy percent were women. The women were my age and younger. The lady taught all the dances. The class got a variety of everything. By doing this the teacher discovered what dances people wanted to learn.

The Language of Touching

I was there just trying to make a girl connection. It didn’t take long to figure out which girls were interested in me. Sometimes I’m a little slow on getting the point. Soon I started to realize some girls held my hand or hands tighter then other girls did. Those girls who held my hands tightly and warningly gave me a good feeling inside. It was like eating apple pie and loving the taste.

Touch & Feel

Through that class I could have probably made three dating connections, but like a gentlemen I selected the one I was attracted to the most. It didn’t last long but it was a learning experience.
I learned that touching was an n excellent way to judge whether someone was interested in me. So I shook hands, hugged and danced whenever I could. I did this because all three required touching and that was a good way to judge who was interested in me.

A Touch Can Tell All

Sometimes touching reveals more then talking. That’s my story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by littledan77


Your Feelings Are Telling You Yes or No

Feelings Are Guide Posts in the Night

Your feelings unlike what you think are always giving you the right information. So here’s the real deal thinking is thinking and feeling is feeling. These are two different functions entirely. Your mind has a responsibility to you and that is to give you the best information it can. Your mind saves information for you and this gives you the ability to make good decisions in your life.

Feeling or Thinking? Feelings Should Always Win

Now here’s how all of us make huge mistakes in our lives, we allow our thinking to over ride what our feelings are telling us. This is what makes the shit hit the fan. This term is an old expression I learned while I was working with an old carpenter he was seventy-five and still going strong. He was just loaded with sayings like this.

Feelings are Always Truthful, Unless Your Not Listening

Your mind gives you the ability to see your past and tells you how you feel about it. Your mind unless it’s dysfunctional is always telling you exactly how you feel about everything. It doesn’t tell you what you want to see or feel, it always tells you the truth.

Stay in the Real World Where Your Feelings Rule

So why don’t we pay attention to what our mind is telling us? I think it because we want certain things to work. Like love for example we want it to work so we pretend it does and refuse to listen to what our feelings are telling us. In other words we ignore our feelings and live in a fantasy world. Its kind of like going to Disney World, we love it but it’s not real. In time like all things that aren’t real they come to an end and reality crashes back into our consciousness and boy does that hurt. So don’t fall in love with your dreams, fall in love with your reality by paying attention to what your feelings are telling you.

Feelings Must Never Be Tampered With

We our so eager to find a mate and be happy we ignore the truth of what our feelings are telling us. If your feelings don’t agree with what your thinking always go with you feelings. By doing this you will save yourself a huge amount of grief. Your mind knows what your feeling so don’t be a fool and ignore them. They are like a stop sign, if you ignore them you’re likely to have an accident and that’s not a pretty thing.

Hurt Rather Then Divorce

Are you getting my drift, your feelings are your friends and their telling you the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it better to hurt now then divorce later and have children in the process. Children desire and require loving parents. So pay attention to your feelings and your children will thank you for it. Because they will learn from you the most important thing in life and that is how to love. So love and be the best you can be. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by gniliep


Dates Start With Words

Do Your Words Make People Smile?

What kinds of words are coming out of your mouth? Are they words you would like to hear from others. Do they make you feel good when you say them? Do me a favor and listen to what words you are saying. Write some of these words down and then review them once in awhile.

Don't Use the Dark Room Words

So what words are coming out of your mouth are they helping you or hurting you. Your words are telling you how you feel about your life. I remember a part of my life that was filled with words that constantly made me feel bad about life and myself.

Our Words Stopped Working

I was involved in a partnership, which involved repairing a house for resale. But everything was going bad and the more I tried to fix it the worse things seemed to get. We purchased the house with the intent of selling it and making a profit. But somewhere along the way my partner decided they wanted to keep the house and I wanted to sell. Everything we did drove us farther apart.

We Weren't Being Friends Any More

The words we shared with each other were all negative words. Finally I sold out my share for pennies on the dollar. Because I figured out what my words were doing to me. They were destroying my life and I wanted my life back. I made my partner an offer to sell that couldn’t be refused. From that moment on I found my freedom.

From the moment of selling my share, my life changed from bad to good. My words changed from the negative to the positive and I found my happiness again.

Are Your Words Working?

Are they saying you are happy or unhappy? Go ahead and write down the words you are saying. Through this process you will find out how you feel about yourself. It’s hard to critique yourself but when you do you find out what other people see when they listen to you. After all it’s always easier to critique others, then to critique yourself. So go ahead and pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself. It may startle you how badly your life is going.

Be Real & Get Better

By critiquing yourself, you force yourself to make changes and that will help you find words that will produce a better you. So go ahead and say the right words and they will make you a better person. Better persons make better decisions and better decisions bring you better results when you’re playing the dating game. So say better words and your dating will work better. That’s my story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by angela7dreams


True Love

Trying to Find It?

When you find it, it will be the easiest thing in the world to do. It will be so easy you wont even realize your doing it.

First Kick the Tires

If you have to ask what it is, you don’t have it yet. Oh you might think you have it but will it pass a trial test. Like buying a car lets first take it for a trial spin. Yes when you drive a beautiful car it rides like a dream and gives you all the joy you think you need. But how long will the dream last? Probably till the first sign it’s not perfect. Maybe it will start with a little rattle and then the dream begins to fade and alas all you have is just a car. Now it doesn’t please you any more and you wish you had never purchased it.

You'l Know When It Happens

So what went wrong? We thought we had it but it didn’t last. Only it will last the test of time. It is not a replica it is the real thing. It will last you a lifetime. It will always smell, look and feel good no matter how it changes with time. It will look the same no matter how old it becomes.

It Changed Me

When I found it I didn’t know what it was; but I did know I wanted it in my life. It was user friendly and always was available when I needed it. I didn’t require it to be in my presence, because even when it was gone it was still with me.

Love Is Your Best Friend

It had the power to heal me when I was sick and never left my side till I was well. It told the doctors what to do and monitored their every move. It raised its voice when it had to and wouldn’t stop until they all listened.

It Becomes Me

It is the light at the end of the tunnel. Its brighter then the sun and makes me warm when I’m cold. Its tells me when I’m wrong yet never stops loving me. It is all things to me. It will never ask me to change myself; it accepts me just the way I am.

It Will Be Love, When You Find It

If it isn’t working for you maybe you have the wrong it. Excepting the wrong it, will not make it. Only an it is an it. It of course is true Love. That’s my Story and I’m Sticking to It.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Paul Keleher


Your Wanted & Don't Know It

Start Listening Before You Die

And what you say doesn’t even really matter. Because there only hearing the music that’s playing in their head. My Father was by no stretch of the imagination an attractive man. But some how through his words he was always welcomed and enjoyed by those around him. When I was a young person eating out was a nightly thing to do. We ate at a variety of places. From a bus terminal to the highest priced place in town. But no matter were we went acquaintances greeted my Father. You would have though he was the President of the United States. Men liked Dad but women loved him. Not the kind of love that says lets mate. It just that they loved being around him. It was like he was more user friendly then other men. Whatever it was it really worked for him. As time moved on I learned his talent. He was just being himself he loved to talk to people. We would be walking in the mall and all of a sudden we would realize he wasn’t with us. We would turn around and sure enough he would be talking to someone. Mother would from time to time comment that stopping should be avoided because time was short. She seemed concerned but I know she found joy in knowing she had what all women wanted a good man and that is what my father was.

He Delivered Wellness

Maybe Dad gave people what they needed. He gave the world a down home approach delivered with the brain of an educated man. He brought out the best in people and they liked him for that. He never argued or raised his voice. When liquefied with four scotches and water he quoted Shakespeare with the talent of a great actor. The tone and quality of his words brought smiles to those who listened. He was truly a man for all people. When he died I lost my best friend. He never knew how I truly felt about him I’m sorry I never told him.

People Smiled When He Entered the Room

Granted you are not my Father but you are a human being and have the ability to become better word Sayers. Share words people like to hear. Words that raise there hopes and makes them smile. Avoid words that raise a persons temper level. Inspire people by letting them be more important then you. Everyone felt equal to my Dad because he included in his conversation the admiration he felt for those in his presence. When you talked to my Dad you left him feeling better and you probably wondered why? He shared the glory of the world with everyone and gave him or her the credit for making it happen. It’s an art we can all learn to do better. It’s like sharing the wealth and not worrying about going broke.

He Was A Teacher

Dad shared by his example the art of saying words that really worked for others. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have apprenticed under his guidance. I am a far better person for knowing him and so was the world.

He Was In Demand

He removed the focus from himself and gave the lime light to others. This kind of behavior would better serve us all; especially if your trying so find someone to talk to and make a date connection with.

Your Words Give Life To Others

I think words of kindness are the first step in creating a dialog that will in time influence someone special to move closer to you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Autistic Psycho


Dont Let Your Hormones Rule

Don't Let Bad Thinking Rule Your Life

Linda my beautiful wife has this incredible ability to see things in there entirety. Most of us look at things and situations in a very narrow mind set. Cutie (this is my special name for my wife) looks not only in the box but also outside of the box. This incredible ability has saved us money, time and makes life easier for both of us.

Female Brain Moved Sofa

Here’s a case in point one day we the men in the family tried to remove a sofa from the basement and we struggled for probably fifteen minutes but it just wouldn’t go up the stairway. So we had decided to break it apart. Before starting the demolition Cutie arrived home and with only seconds of thought directed us through the perilous stairwell. She smiled and probably wondered why three male brains couldn’t figure it out, since it seemed so clear to her.

She Always Thinks Out of the Box

She applies this out of the box thinking in every aspect of life. For a time I resisted her advise, I think it was my male hormones kicking in and made me want to be right. The male thing closed my mind even closer then it already was. But in time I started to realize that almost always she was correct in her keen observation of things and events. Now don’t get me wrong she wasn’t one hundred percent right all the time. But she was dam close to it. So I set my male hormone thing aside and listened rather then thinking I was right all the time. Now I take her advise without a whimper and boy are things working better. I can tell you with absolute certainty that doing things right the first time save you a great deal of time, etc later.

Spell Check Brain First

I now think of myself as being more enlightened about all things. I accomplish this by putting my male pride aside and let new ideas enter my mind. Now before doing something I actually sit down and work out the entire process in my mind before I begin something. It’s amazing how many errors you can detect and corrected before starting a project. Its like using spell check on your computer.

Male Hormones

There is no question in my mind that men need to ignore their hormones, get out of the box and view women with an open mind. Women on the other hand shouldn't let the male hormone thing derail them from getting to know the real person behind the chemical wall.

I Try but Shes Better at Solving

I pride myself everyday on the progress I have made in thinking outside the box. But I still give my wife most of the credit for keeping us on course to a better life.


So here’s my wisdom for the day. Boxes are best viewed from the outside and male hormones are best left to wrestlers then daters.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bcmom