A Date Is Often Close By

They Both Worked in Sanitation

Jeb spent two years enjoying the college life until his parents decided to stop funding his failure to read the books and attend classes. Jeb found it hard to think when the influence of the hops occupied most of his activity.

Needed to Work

Desperation forced him to join a fellow non-learner and the two of them joined dumping trash in the back of a truck. The money was good and that money kept them going through the bar door where wellness prevailed at least for them till the final call for drinks echoed in the wee hours of morning.

His Friend Saw the Light

Finely Jebs co-worker found the light and begged for forgiveness from his parents and once again he was back in school but this time things were different. He gave up the booze and spent all his time learning.

Now the Driver

Jeb was now driving the truck and not doing the work at the back. Then one day while visiting the main office for a new test requirement Jeb peed in the container, failed the test and then spent the last of his money feeling sorry for himself.

Woke Up in the Drunk Tank

While existing the bar with pockets empty Jeb miss handled the curb and fell face down in the street and almost got run over by a passing cop car. Sometimes bad luck follows bad luck and Jab experienced the drunk tank at jail and then got released in the morning. Now broke and bruised on the face he called home and asked if they could pick him up. They did and offered him the comfort of home while he recovered.

A Friendly Voice on the Phone

While there he called the sanitation company in the hope they stilled owed him some money. Luck was finally turning for him because they owed him some. A girl in the office offered to deliver his final check to him.

Hope Rang the Door Bell

The doorbell ring, he answered the door and there stool the cutest girl he had ever seen. They talked and found each wanting to talk more in time they moved into together and love seemed to be there gift for finding each other.

Pig Picking

Oh and Jeb was a friend of my stepsons and we all enjoyed a pig picking a while back. I think love is in the air and both are doing great. And guess what sanitation brought them together.

Happiness is everywhere so keep your eyes open and love on your mind. Because love is always looking for love.

Don L. Terrill

photo by SqueakyMarmot