Dates Start With Words

Do Your Words Make People Smile?

What kinds of words are coming out of your mouth? Are they words you would like to hear from others. Do they make you feel good when you say them? Do me a favor and listen to what words you are saying. Write some of these words down and then review them once in awhile.

Don't Use the Dark Room Words

So what words are coming out of your mouth are they helping you or hurting you. Your words are telling you how you feel about your life. I remember a part of my life that was filled with words that constantly made me feel bad about life and myself.

Our Words Stopped Working

I was involved in a partnership, which involved repairing a house for resale. But everything was going bad and the more I tried to fix it the worse things seemed to get. We purchased the house with the intent of selling it and making a profit. But somewhere along the way my partner decided they wanted to keep the house and I wanted to sell. Everything we did drove us farther apart.

We Weren't Being Friends Any More

The words we shared with each other were all negative words. Finally I sold out my share for pennies on the dollar. Because I figured out what my words were doing to me. They were destroying my life and I wanted my life back. I made my partner an offer to sell that couldn’t be refused. From that moment on I found my freedom.

From the moment of selling my share, my life changed from bad to good. My words changed from the negative to the positive and I found my happiness again.

Are Your Words Working?

Are they saying you are happy or unhappy? Go ahead and write down the words you are saying. Through this process you will find out how you feel about yourself. It’s hard to critique yourself but when you do you find out what other people see when they listen to you. After all it’s always easier to critique others, then to critique yourself. So go ahead and pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself. It may startle you how badly your life is going.

Be Real & Get Better

By critiquing yourself, you force yourself to make changes and that will help you find words that will produce a better you. So go ahead and say the right words and they will make you a better person. Better persons make better decisions and better decisions bring you better results when you’re playing the dating game. So say better words and your dating will work better. That’s my story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by angela7dreams