Dont Let Your Hormones Rule

Don't Let Bad Thinking Rule Your Life

Linda my beautiful wife has this incredible ability to see things in there entirety. Most of us look at things and situations in a very narrow mind set. Cutie (this is my special name for my wife) looks not only in the box but also outside of the box. This incredible ability has saved us money, time and makes life easier for both of us.

Female Brain Moved Sofa

Here’s a case in point one day we the men in the family tried to remove a sofa from the basement and we struggled for probably fifteen minutes but it just wouldn’t go up the stairway. So we had decided to break it apart. Before starting the demolition Cutie arrived home and with only seconds of thought directed us through the perilous stairwell. She smiled and probably wondered why three male brains couldn’t figure it out, since it seemed so clear to her.

She Always Thinks Out of the Box

She applies this out of the box thinking in every aspect of life. For a time I resisted her advise, I think it was my male hormones kicking in and made me want to be right. The male thing closed my mind even closer then it already was. But in time I started to realize that almost always she was correct in her keen observation of things and events. Now don’t get me wrong she wasn’t one hundred percent right all the time. But she was dam close to it. So I set my male hormone thing aside and listened rather then thinking I was right all the time. Now I take her advise without a whimper and boy are things working better. I can tell you with absolute certainty that doing things right the first time save you a great deal of time, etc later.

Spell Check Brain First

I now think of myself as being more enlightened about all things. I accomplish this by putting my male pride aside and let new ideas enter my mind. Now before doing something I actually sit down and work out the entire process in my mind before I begin something. It’s amazing how many errors you can detect and corrected before starting a project. Its like using spell check on your computer.

Male Hormones

There is no question in my mind that men need to ignore their hormones, get out of the box and view women with an open mind. Women on the other hand shouldn't let the male hormone thing derail them from getting to know the real person behind the chemical wall.

I Try but Shes Better at Solving

I pride myself everyday on the progress I have made in thinking outside the box. But I still give my wife most of the credit for keeping us on course to a better life.


So here’s my wisdom for the day. Boxes are best viewed from the outside and male hormones are best left to wrestlers then daters.

Don L. Terrill

photo by bcmom