A Touch Says Yes, Maybe or No

Touching Is a Touching Thing

When I was younger my parents wanted me to appreciate the finer things of life and one of those things was dancing, which I thought was a sissy thing to do. In my mind dancing was for girls. Boy was I one hundred percent wrong.

A Firm Grip

I learned most of my dancing from a couple who taught dancing for a living. The lady was quite busty and always insisted I hold her tightly while we danced, that was a good thing. In time I learned the ballroom dancing. Those were the dances my Mother really liked.

A Gathering of Learners

Later in life I met a blond lady who said she was an acquaintance of my parents. She told me she held dancing classes at numerous legion halls in the area. I saw her ad in the paper and I decided I was going to give her a try. There were probably thirty people in the class, seventy percent were women. The women were my age and younger. The lady taught all the dances. The class got a variety of everything. By doing this the teacher discovered what dances people wanted to learn.

The Language of Touching

I was there just trying to make a girl connection. It didn’t take long to figure out which girls were interested in me. Sometimes I’m a little slow on getting the point. Soon I started to realize some girls held my hand or hands tighter then other girls did. Those girls who held my hands tightly and warningly gave me a good feeling inside. It was like eating apple pie and loving the taste.

Touch & Feel

Through that class I could have probably made three dating connections, but like a gentlemen I selected the one I was attracted to the most. It didn’t last long but it was a learning experience.
I learned that touching was an n excellent way to judge whether someone was interested in me. So I shook hands, hugged and danced whenever I could. I did this because all three required touching and that was a good way to judge who was interested in me.

A Touch Can Tell All

Sometimes touching reveals more then talking. That’s my story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by littledan77