Your Feelings Are Telling You Yes or No

Feelings Are Guide Posts in the Night

Your feelings unlike what you think are always giving you the right information. So here’s the real deal thinking is thinking and feeling is feeling. These are two different functions entirely. Your mind has a responsibility to you and that is to give you the best information it can. Your mind saves information for you and this gives you the ability to make good decisions in your life.

Feeling or Thinking? Feelings Should Always Win

Now here’s how all of us make huge mistakes in our lives, we allow our thinking to over ride what our feelings are telling us. This is what makes the shit hit the fan. This term is an old expression I learned while I was working with an old carpenter he was seventy-five and still going strong. He was just loaded with sayings like this.

Feelings are Always Truthful, Unless Your Not Listening

Your mind gives you the ability to see your past and tells you how you feel about it. Your mind unless it’s dysfunctional is always telling you exactly how you feel about everything. It doesn’t tell you what you want to see or feel, it always tells you the truth.

Stay in the Real World Where Your Feelings Rule

So why don’t we pay attention to what our mind is telling us? I think it because we want certain things to work. Like love for example we want it to work so we pretend it does and refuse to listen to what our feelings are telling us. In other words we ignore our feelings and live in a fantasy world. Its kind of like going to Disney World, we love it but it’s not real. In time like all things that aren’t real they come to an end and reality crashes back into our consciousness and boy does that hurt. So don’t fall in love with your dreams, fall in love with your reality by paying attention to what your feelings are telling you.

Feelings Must Never Be Tampered With

We our so eager to find a mate and be happy we ignore the truth of what our feelings are telling us. If your feelings don’t agree with what your thinking always go with you feelings. By doing this you will save yourself a huge amount of grief. Your mind knows what your feeling so don’t be a fool and ignore them. They are like a stop sign, if you ignore them you’re likely to have an accident and that’s not a pretty thing.

Hurt Rather Then Divorce

Are you getting my drift, your feelings are your friends and their telling you the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it better to hurt now then divorce later and have children in the process. Children desire and require loving parents. So pay attention to your feelings and your children will thank you for it. Because they will learn from you the most important thing in life and that is how to love. So love and be the best you can be. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by gniliep