Your Wanted & Don't Know It

Start Listening Before You Die

And what you say doesn’t even really matter. Because there only hearing the music that’s playing in their head. My Father was by no stretch of the imagination an attractive man. But some how through his words he was always welcomed and enjoyed by those around him. When I was a young person eating out was a nightly thing to do. We ate at a variety of places. From a bus terminal to the highest priced place in town. But no matter were we went acquaintances greeted my Father. You would have though he was the President of the United States. Men liked Dad but women loved him. Not the kind of love that says lets mate. It just that they loved being around him. It was like he was more user friendly then other men. Whatever it was it really worked for him. As time moved on I learned his talent. He was just being himself he loved to talk to people. We would be walking in the mall and all of a sudden we would realize he wasn’t with us. We would turn around and sure enough he would be talking to someone. Mother would from time to time comment that stopping should be avoided because time was short. She seemed concerned but I know she found joy in knowing she had what all women wanted a good man and that is what my father was.

He Delivered Wellness

Maybe Dad gave people what they needed. He gave the world a down home approach delivered with the brain of an educated man. He brought out the best in people and they liked him for that. He never argued or raised his voice. When liquefied with four scotches and water he quoted Shakespeare with the talent of a great actor. The tone and quality of his words brought smiles to those who listened. He was truly a man for all people. When he died I lost my best friend. He never knew how I truly felt about him I’m sorry I never told him.

People Smiled When He Entered the Room

Granted you are not my Father but you are a human being and have the ability to become better word Sayers. Share words people like to hear. Words that raise there hopes and makes them smile. Avoid words that raise a persons temper level. Inspire people by letting them be more important then you. Everyone felt equal to my Dad because he included in his conversation the admiration he felt for those in his presence. When you talked to my Dad you left him feeling better and you probably wondered why? He shared the glory of the world with everyone and gave him or her the credit for making it happen. It’s an art we can all learn to do better. It’s like sharing the wealth and not worrying about going broke.

He Was A Teacher

Dad shared by his example the art of saying words that really worked for others. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have apprenticed under his guidance. I am a far better person for knowing him and so was the world.

He Was In Demand

He removed the focus from himself and gave the lime light to others. This kind of behavior would better serve us all; especially if your trying so find someone to talk to and make a date connection with.

Your Words Give Life To Others

I think words of kindness are the first step in creating a dialog that will in time influence someone special to move closer to you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Autistic Psycho