A Nuclear Meeting

Inspected welds

I once did a tour of duty working for the local nuclear plant. I was a lowly quality control inspector. I inspected certain welds for a company called power systems. This company probably employed over fifty people, I was number fifty. I got every dirty job except sweeping the floor. The only reason I didn’t get this job is because the union would allow only laborers to do that.

We Meet in the Mens Room

One day while inspecting welds, I developed a strong urge to use the bathroom. When I found the nearest bathroom the men’s room was locked and a sign posted on the locked door directed me to a different location. At this juncture I knew I wasn’t going to make the next bathroom. Reason I was already in a tight hinny grip condition. A speedy release was now required. I did what I have never done before, I used the ladies bathroom. Soon I felt better. I reconnected by garments and opened the stall door and to my surprise a women security person was standing in my way. She sternly admonished me for being in the ladies room. A co-worker, a she person informed on me. I told her I had no other option. She said she understood and indicated that security was on guard for a pervert of sorts who was hiding in stalls and attempting to view patrons using the facilities.

We Shared Time Away From Work

I started seeing this security person on a regular basis. You see I knew her routine because that’s the first job I had at the Nuclear Plant. Since she was very attractive I considered asking her for a date on many occasions. I finally built up enough courage and asked her for a date. She said yes with a smile. I was to say the least pleased with myself. We dated on many occasions and enjoyed each other, but never really clicked for a higher status of dating. But it was a learning experience and I sure needed that.

Possibilities Are Every Where

I mention this experience only to show the unusual places a date connection can evolve from. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life and you’ll see opportunities everywhere. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ilkerender


The Right Match

Puzzles Only Go the One Way

As children I’m sure we have all tried to put the round object in the square opening. In time when we gain more information and skills the process becomes very easy.

Don't See It When It Isn't There

Trying to date is a lot like paragraph one. It requires a lot of learning and proper presentation. But here’s where a lot of us make a huge mistake. We force the round object in the square opening, thus giving the appearance all is working well.

We Know When Its not the Real Thing

For example during my early stages of dating I frequently over looked things that didn’t seem to be working for me about my dating companion. Truth is she was properly doing the same thing I was doing. We enjoyed each other’s company, but inside we both knew it wasn’t really working for us. Maybe we were doing what a lot of people do. They love having a companion to communicate with, because that’s really better then being alone.

Even Close Isn't It

I think this is the number one reason why so many couples get divorced. They decide to accept what they have. When we as human beings do this, we are selling ourselves short. Maybe we think this is the best companion we can find. We compare are current date to past dates and say to ourselves, we really have a winner now. All this kind of thinking may make sense to us; at this point we experience a short circuit in our brain. We even proclaim our love for each other and to anyone who will listen. I guess this is our way of trying to convince ourselves. In time we start to believe what we our saying.

Children Learn By What They See

Now we each in our own way, say we love each other. These words will be the final nails in our coffin. Insanity will prevail and we will say our vows and join ourselves in holy matrimony. This decision may take a lifetime to correct and produce children who will learn the wrong lesson in life. They will fail to learn what true love is all about. Parents mostly teach by example, had they been in love that’s what the children would have learned. But alas they were not in love so they couldn’t play the part for real. So the children did not learn the most important part of a family and that is love.

Love Is the Whole Puzzle

Here is the jest of my story. Look until you find love, because love is the main ingredient. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by LabGP & SigOther

Love is the Only Thing You Really Need

Is Love Everything?

This is really a good question for everyone to think about. Just what part does love play in a loving relationship? To me love makes all things possible. Its like a band-aid it patches all that ails each partner. It makes dreams come true when nothing else works. It over looks all imperfections in each person. Love is the glue that holds two people together. Before they would be classified as failures, now with love they our ready for any challenge. They no longer fear not having all things, because now they have everything and they know it.

Talk to People Who Are in Love

Love is hard to explain to someone who has never felt love. To most people love only happens in the movies. If we would just learn the art of finding love, then our life would profoundly improve for the good.

Just Feel and Love Will Find You

Stop looking for love and start feeling love, then and only then will you find, what true love is all about. Once you connect with love you will never let it go. It will fill your entire mind with joy, hope and happiness.

The Love Connections

You know you have found love when you share all your feelings with someone else and they with you. Its like you can read each other’s mind and what you see is love. Your thoughts, hopes and dreams are always safe with someone who you share love with. Your love connection would never leave you for something better, because there is nothing better then you. You have heard the expression the grass always seems greener on the other side of the hill. Love persons would never buy this saying, because they know their standing on the greenest grass in the world.

Love Is A Magnet for Love

I know your probably scratching your head and trying to make sense out of what I am saying. Yes its hard to explain, but don’t give up trying to understand. If you believe in love and follow what love tells you to do, you will find the fountain of ever lasting love. It just takes two people to believe in love and find each other. Remember love creates new lives and makes all things possible.

Love is Your Most Trusted Guide

Put your faith in love and love will never fail you. Love makes dating and mating easy as saying one, two, three. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it; because I know it works.

Don L. Terrill

photo by trec_lit


Less Baggage Makes Togetherness Work Better

Excess Never Helps

Excess baggage is one of those things daters should avoid at all cost. I remember one time, when Linda my wife and I were at the airport, having our luggage weighted. The person doing same, indicated we were over the weight limit, on one piece of luggage. Having no other course of action, we paid a penalty charge for having too much stuff. Life is a gathering of luggage and each container has stuff inside them. Some of the stuff is good for us. The rest is unprocessed pain and should be dumped as soon as possible.


To dump something that’s happened to us is to face it, see it for what it was and then say that was then and this is now. Forgive yourself and move on. Failing to lower the pain of your past will interfere with your ability to move forward and find the positive joys that living offers.

Just Don't Talk About It

Everyone brings excess baggage to their next relationship. The trick is to lower the negative feelings that are in the baggage. I don’t think that our society has achieved total baggage removal as of yet, but I think its on the threshold of understanding and these new discoveries will help us gain freedom from the pain of our past. Till then we must do the best we can to free ourselves from the shackles of our past and approach life with a happier outlook and a clearer picture of what being together is all about.

Don Ignore It

To avoid the baggage will just cause it to resurface and play a negative part in the life of happiness were trying to achieve and create in our life.

Keep Your Water Level Low

When I was younger I used to like to rent a small rowboat and fly fish. Sometimes the boat I was renting was filled with water from a previous raining spell. To make my fishing experience as joyful as I wanted it to be, I had to expel the water from the boat. This could be accomplished by turning the boat over or bailing the water out by use of an empty container of some sort. On some occasions I used the boat without removing the water and my experience of fly fishing wasn’t as good as it could have been. It made rowing the boat harder and the water eventually got my feet wet. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper.

Excess baggage never helps and always hurts. So take it from one who likes to fish. Bail your boat first and then row for all the joy. life has stored for you.

Less Is Better

Dating, mating and finding the love of your life is so much easier, when you don’t weight so much. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by tttallis


A Connection Is Seldom Far Away

Only Waved

They lived next door to each other since birth and only waved to each other once in awhile. And according to each one they never considered the other for a date consideration.

We Get A Mind Set

More and more I am coming to the conclusion that we get an imagine of our future mate in our mind and from then until fate kicks in and we ignore all the possibilities all along life way.

A Tree Brought Them Together

Finally necessity brought them close enough to see the value in each other. It happened one stormy night when Bills parents tree fell on Sues house and missed her bed only by four feet or so. Sue exited the house in a skimpy night arrangement of clothes and while outside further complicated the situation by getting all wet.

He Saw & Smiled

That’s the first day Bill said he really noticed Sue and boy was that an eye opening experience for him and I’m using his words now. Both families congregated into Bills house till the storm ended.

Said Their Dos

During this unfortunate time Bill and Sue spent time together and eventually walked down the isle and said their dos to each other.

A Lesson Here

There’s a dear lesson to be learned here and that is that were not looking at all possibilities and especially the ones nearest to us. It like were always looking for someone new, when only steps away is a real possibility and is probably just waiting for us to open the door and say hey. Bill did and love worked out for him.

Don L. Terrill

photo by GirlReporter


Her Daughter Helped Them Meet

A Moment Changed Everything

One moment Marge was married the next moment she became a single mother with one daughter who just started walking. Marge’s husband had just called her and was saying the traffic was heavy and then out of no where a car failed to stop for a red light and that failure caused her husband to die of head injuries. And it all happened while she was talking to him on the phone. Marge stayed on the phone and in time, which seemed like an eternity an emergency person answered the phone and relayed the bad news to Marge.

Grabbed His Hand

One year later while visiting a local eatery Marge was tapped on the shoulder by a nice looking man who indicated her daughter was wanting to hold his hand and said I’m sure she confused me with her father. Marge said thank you and took her daughters hand.

Daughter Found His Hand Again

Later while getting refills on their drinks Marge returned to their table only to find the same man holding hands with her daughter again while waiting for her to return to the table. The man two seats away from her and her daughter said the girl came over to his table and grabbed his hand again. Marge somewhat confused by the whole incident twice repeated and asked her almost two year old why? The little girl just repeated the word daddy. Marge apologized for her daughter bothering him, the man smile and just said no problem I love children.

Shared a Coke

Months later they all met again at the grocery store and laughed about how they met. While talking the man said how about the two of you sharing a coke with me? During this meeting he got her phone number which lead to a proposal six months later and a marriage soon after.

Daughter Brought Them Together

Marge always tells new listeners that their getting together was arranged by her daughter by holding his hand and saying daddy.

It Happens All the Time

Life moves in mysterious ways, so cease the moment when opportunity comes your way. I sometimes think children know what we don’t know and that is that love is everywhere and only needs a friendly hand to make it all happen.

Don L. Terrill

photo by WIDRAKIE