A Connection Is Seldom Far Away

Only Waved

They lived next door to each other since birth and only waved to each other once in awhile. And according to each one they never considered the other for a date consideration.

We Get A Mind Set

More and more I am coming to the conclusion that we get an imagine of our future mate in our mind and from then until fate kicks in and we ignore all the possibilities all along life way.

A Tree Brought Them Together

Finally necessity brought them close enough to see the value in each other. It happened one stormy night when Bills parents tree fell on Sues house and missed her bed only by four feet or so. Sue exited the house in a skimpy night arrangement of clothes and while outside further complicated the situation by getting all wet.

He Saw & Smiled

That’s the first day Bill said he really noticed Sue and boy was that an eye opening experience for him and I’m using his words now. Both families congregated into Bills house till the storm ended.

Said Their Dos

During this unfortunate time Bill and Sue spent time together and eventually walked down the isle and said their dos to each other.

A Lesson Here

There’s a dear lesson to be learned here and that is that were not looking at all possibilities and especially the ones nearest to us. It like were always looking for someone new, when only steps away is a real possibility and is probably just waiting for us to open the door and say hey. Bill did and love worked out for him.

Don L. Terrill

photo by GirlReporter