Her Daughter Helped Them Meet

A Moment Changed Everything

One moment Marge was married the next moment she became a single mother with one daughter who just started walking. Marge’s husband had just called her and was saying the traffic was heavy and then out of no where a car failed to stop for a red light and that failure caused her husband to die of head injuries. And it all happened while she was talking to him on the phone. Marge stayed on the phone and in time, which seemed like an eternity an emergency person answered the phone and relayed the bad news to Marge.

Grabbed His Hand

One year later while visiting a local eatery Marge was tapped on the shoulder by a nice looking man who indicated her daughter was wanting to hold his hand and said I’m sure she confused me with her father. Marge said thank you and took her daughters hand.

Daughter Found His Hand Again

Later while getting refills on their drinks Marge returned to their table only to find the same man holding hands with her daughter again while waiting for her to return to the table. The man two seats away from her and her daughter said the girl came over to his table and grabbed his hand again. Marge somewhat confused by the whole incident twice repeated and asked her almost two year old why? The little girl just repeated the word daddy. Marge apologized for her daughter bothering him, the man smile and just said no problem I love children.

Shared a Coke

Months later they all met again at the grocery store and laughed about how they met. While talking the man said how about the two of you sharing a coke with me? During this meeting he got her phone number which lead to a proposal six months later and a marriage soon after.

Daughter Brought Them Together

Marge always tells new listeners that their getting together was arranged by her daughter by holding his hand and saying daddy.

It Happens All the Time

Life moves in mysterious ways, so cease the moment when opportunity comes your way. I sometimes think children know what we don’t know and that is that love is everywhere and only needs a friendly hand to make it all happen.

Don L. Terrill

photo by WIDRAKIE