Love is the Only Thing You Really Need

Is Love Everything?

This is really a good question for everyone to think about. Just what part does love play in a loving relationship? To me love makes all things possible. Its like a band-aid it patches all that ails each partner. It makes dreams come true when nothing else works. It over looks all imperfections in each person. Love is the glue that holds two people together. Before they would be classified as failures, now with love they our ready for any challenge. They no longer fear not having all things, because now they have everything and they know it.

Talk to People Who Are in Love

Love is hard to explain to someone who has never felt love. To most people love only happens in the movies. If we would just learn the art of finding love, then our life would profoundly improve for the good.

Just Feel and Love Will Find You

Stop looking for love and start feeling love, then and only then will you find, what true love is all about. Once you connect with love you will never let it go. It will fill your entire mind with joy, hope and happiness.

The Love Connections

You know you have found love when you share all your feelings with someone else and they with you. Its like you can read each other’s mind and what you see is love. Your thoughts, hopes and dreams are always safe with someone who you share love with. Your love connection would never leave you for something better, because there is nothing better then you. You have heard the expression the grass always seems greener on the other side of the hill. Love persons would never buy this saying, because they know their standing on the greenest grass in the world.

Love Is A Magnet for Love

I know your probably scratching your head and trying to make sense out of what I am saying. Yes its hard to explain, but don’t give up trying to understand. If you believe in love and follow what love tells you to do, you will find the fountain of ever lasting love. It just takes two people to believe in love and find each other. Remember love creates new lives and makes all things possible.

Love is Your Most Trusted Guide

Put your faith in love and love will never fail you. Love makes dating and mating easy as saying one, two, three. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it; because I know it works.

Don L. Terrill

photo by trec_lit