A Nuclear Meeting

Inspected welds

I once did a tour of duty working for the local nuclear plant. I was a lowly quality control inspector. I inspected certain welds for a company called power systems. This company probably employed over fifty people, I was number fifty. I got every dirty job except sweeping the floor. The only reason I didn’t get this job is because the union would allow only laborers to do that.

We Meet in the Mens Room

One day while inspecting welds, I developed a strong urge to use the bathroom. When I found the nearest bathroom the men’s room was locked and a sign posted on the locked door directed me to a different location. At this juncture I knew I wasn’t going to make the next bathroom. Reason I was already in a tight hinny grip condition. A speedy release was now required. I did what I have never done before, I used the ladies bathroom. Soon I felt better. I reconnected by garments and opened the stall door and to my surprise a women security person was standing in my way. She sternly admonished me for being in the ladies room. A co-worker, a she person informed on me. I told her I had no other option. She said she understood and indicated that security was on guard for a pervert of sorts who was hiding in stalls and attempting to view patrons using the facilities.

We Shared Time Away From Work

I started seeing this security person on a regular basis. You see I knew her routine because that’s the first job I had at the Nuclear Plant. Since she was very attractive I considered asking her for a date on many occasions. I finally built up enough courage and asked her for a date. She said yes with a smile. I was to say the least pleased with myself. We dated on many occasions and enjoyed each other, but never really clicked for a higher status of dating. But it was a learning experience and I sure needed that.

Possibilities Are Every Where

I mention this experience only to show the unusual places a date connection can evolve from. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life and you’ll see opportunities everywhere. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ilkerender