The Right Match

Puzzles Only Go the One Way

As children I’m sure we have all tried to put the round object in the square opening. In time when we gain more information and skills the process becomes very easy.

Don't See It When It Isn't There

Trying to date is a lot like paragraph one. It requires a lot of learning and proper presentation. But here’s where a lot of us make a huge mistake. We force the round object in the square opening, thus giving the appearance all is working well.

We Know When Its not the Real Thing

For example during my early stages of dating I frequently over looked things that didn’t seem to be working for me about my dating companion. Truth is she was properly doing the same thing I was doing. We enjoyed each other’s company, but inside we both knew it wasn’t really working for us. Maybe we were doing what a lot of people do. They love having a companion to communicate with, because that’s really better then being alone.

Even Close Isn't It

I think this is the number one reason why so many couples get divorced. They decide to accept what they have. When we as human beings do this, we are selling ourselves short. Maybe we think this is the best companion we can find. We compare are current date to past dates and say to ourselves, we really have a winner now. All this kind of thinking may make sense to us; at this point we experience a short circuit in our brain. We even proclaim our love for each other and to anyone who will listen. I guess this is our way of trying to convince ourselves. In time we start to believe what we our saying.

Children Learn By What They See

Now we each in our own way, say we love each other. These words will be the final nails in our coffin. Insanity will prevail and we will say our vows and join ourselves in holy matrimony. This decision may take a lifetime to correct and produce children who will learn the wrong lesson in life. They will fail to learn what true love is all about. Parents mostly teach by example, had they been in love that’s what the children would have learned. But alas they were not in love so they couldn’t play the part for real. So the children did not learn the most important part of a family and that is love.

Love Is the Whole Puzzle

Here is the jest of my story. Look until you find love, because love is the main ingredient. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by LabGP & SigOther