Dating is About Changing Locations

Change Your Routine

I think we all get into habits and pretty much stick to them everyday. This probably is not a good idea if you’re trying to find a dating partner.Here is what I would suggest date lookers do to increase their chances of making a dating connection. Travel different roads to work every few days. An acquaintance of mine said he met his wife when he helped change a tire for her. You might also want to consider a different mode of transportation if it’s available to you. Like a bus or rail service.

Change Eating Locations

Go to different places to eat for lunch if that’s possible. You’ll be amazed how many people you’ll meet in eating-places. My neighbor said he met his Future wife at a Wendy’s. She was one of the day managers. He said he connected with her the first time because his curly fries weren’t curly. I love curly fries so I would complain too.

Sweets Will Draw Company

Bring a large glass bowl of wrapped candies to work, like the stuff we give out at Halloween time. Offer it up to your co-workers. Later suggest people drop off some offerings if they like the idea. This will help keep the bowl full. Your goal here is to entice people to come to the candy jar. This will get you to know people on a more personal level. Remember connecting is required before dating is possible. People love candy, so candy on; you may be surprised how well this method works

Change Personally

Change something about yourself from time to time. Clothes, hair etc. This kind of behavior gets you noticed and that could be a helpful thing.

Talk Less & Listen More

Offer yourself up, as a good listener to someone who seems to be under stress or upset about something. This may not be a person you’re interested in dating but knowing them may lead you to someone else. Remember people know people and that’s a good way to meet other people. There is one requirement here, be a sincere person and really care about other peoples problems. If you don’t this process will backfire on you and you’ll be branded a phony and that’s not a good thing.

Offer Your Services

If you hear for example that someone is moving, offer yourself up as a helper. People like that kind of gesture even thought they may not take you up on your offer. If they do let you help that may expose you to other helpers that might help you find a date connection. See how simple the whole process works. Its like trolling for a fish, sometimes you get a bite.

Just Say Anything

This changing process in your life will help you meet people and that’s what dating is all about. The best way to meet someone is through a non-dating situation. Under these kinds of conditions most people feel more at ease and more willing to share their thoughts with you. This process endears you to people before they even see it coming. Is that cool or what?

Think about it, there’s a million ways to meet people without having them think your trying to date them. Remember meet first and date later. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by slushpup