The Love Language

Love Improves Your Feeling Process

The language of Love is used exclusively by people who are in love. This type of communication is not learned in a building of learning. It’s not actually something you learn, its something you acquire when the arrow of love strikes your heart. When this happens you instantly become a changed person. Love is a good thing; so when you change you change for the better. I know this is true because I am one of those changed people. My two Step Sons who I love like my own challenge my behavior towards my wife, their Mother. They say I give her too much control on issues in our lives. They tell me using their jargon that I should take control and be the man in the family. I generally babble something like it works for me. I smile they laugh and the world moves on.

Learn from Lovers

If you really want to learn something about this language, observe people who you know, are in love. They are constantly looking, touching or speaking love words to each other. To them their mate can do no wrong. Even food tastes better between these lovesick people. No matter what they conjure up to eat it always tastes, smells and looks delicious. Now these are the same people who when they were single complained about almost every bit of food they consumed. So being in love must make food taste better.

Love Makes Everything Seem Better

Maybe love just makes life better. I sometimes think about all the things that used to be so important in my life. Now most of those things hardly ever receive an audience with my brain. Its like even my brain has changed. Many of my negative thoughts about myself and things in my life have changed. They don’t seem to matter any more.

When You Have Love You Have Everything

I have come to the conclusion that love is a miracle cure for all that ails the world. So just for this one moment allow me the status of being your doctor. If you came to me for a mental illness I would write you the following prescription. Take love frequently and call me in the morning.

That’s what love means to me. Me and love are the same. That’s my story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by A.M. Kuchling