Afraid to Love?

Fear Love Will Fail You Again.

That’s where I used to be. It’s amazing the kind of clarity that age brings to a person. My first marriage played havoc with my thinking and because of that my mind pretty much concealed this information from me. But silently it leaked out from under the door and it quietly kept me from getting too close to anyone. The leak echoed the words stop don’t get to close. Remember the hurt you felt the first time? Oh in a small measure I knew the influence it had on me, but I never truly realized just how much.

So for nineteen and a half years I looked for love and told myself no under my breath and my breath was winning the battle.

So tell me? Have you tried and failed? And now do you carry the same disease that plagued me. Well be of good cheer, for I shall lead you out of the wilderness.

Here’s the deal, things happen and sometimes the results are painful to us. But we are the main character in our brain and thus have the ability trounce painful thoughts into the dust where they belong.

Logic is your best friend in this situation. So sit down and tell yourself whats happening to you. For example. I know I’m hurting myself because of what happened in my first marriage and starting today this thinking is know longer going to be a burden to me. I’m the boss and I’m sick and tired of feeling bad about that time in my life. From this day forth I’m going to change my thinking one-day at a time.

Here’s what I did!

I looked in the mirror and told myself it happened, its over and feeling bad about it is a total waste of time. And I’m sure I replayed this procedure at least a thousand times and finally like a bad taste in my mouth it didn’t bother me anymore.

And finally one day I woke up and realized that the bad influence from my past was past history to me. And boy was that a magic moment in my life.

So try my method or create your own. Either way get the job done, so you can move on and find true wellness in your future.

You’ll find meeting people easier when the wall of hurt gets removed from your thinking.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Fábio Pinheiro