Are Divorcees Better Daters?

You Bet by Leaps and Bounds.

These people have what newbees don’t have and that’s a real live understanding of what mating is all about. They by and large understand the basic pitfalls that most people experience, when they first enter the dating arena. These people are veterans and aren’t scared to say what they think and feel.

They Know More

Their not afraid to mention the mistakes they made the first time around. They take pride in the knowledge that they know a snake when they see one. I have a feeling that slithering is more noticeable when you’re an observing divorcee.

They See Reality More Clearly

I think divorcees are more apt to be themselves and are less likely to be played by a player. For those of you who still linger in the dark ages allow me to explain. A player is a person who prides himself or herself on how many mates they have in their stable. Divorcees from my observations don’t buy into the stable concept.

Sex Talk is Easier

Divorcees are already skilled in the fine art of manipulation. They don’t need training they have already graduated to a higher level of sexuality. They will not hesitate to explain their wills and won’ts; which brings a great deal of clarity to a very difficult subject to talk about.

They Have Been Tested & Are Better

They have gone thru the test of fire and still retain their sense of humor. When they date newbees they quickly make their feelings known on all subject matters. This clarity gives newbees a great deal of subject matter to think about. Sure some newbees cant handle all that information at one time; so many will walk away talking to themselves. The smart ones will stay, learn and if smart consider divorcees love mates and grow from their experience. Divorcees are like graduates of college and they know things only experience will teach you. So if your smart you’ll at very least enjoy their company absorb their experience and never judge them. Judging is only allowed after you have walked the stones of fire called divorce.

Their Better then New

The world judges experience as a high value when hiring employees. I hope my small article helps to promote the high value I personally place on those who have dared to walk the stones of fire. Divorce should not brand one a loser, on the contrary it should value them for having the courage to admit their mistake and demonstrate the power to move on. To me the losers are those who stay and never really know love. To miss love is to miss the very point for being alive. So if your smart you'll give that divorcee down the street a second look and maybe if your lucky she will look back. This is my story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by foundphotoslj