Compliment Yourself Daily & Date Better

This Is How I Compliment Myself

Don you look wonderful today

Don You’re the happiest person I know

Don why are you always smiling?

Don you look great

Don you smell wonderful

Don you don’t look a day over forty

Don I read one of your books and it was awesome

Don I love the way you laugh

Don you are the greatest public speaker I have ever heard

Don are you loosing weight?

Don is your hair is getting thicker?

Don you are such a talented person

Don I have always admired you

Don you are my best friend

Don being around you makes me feel good all the time

Don you’re the sexiest man I know

Don I love the way you make me feel

Don you have the cutest nose

Wow Don your really looking good

What I'm Doing Here Is Saying Nice Things to Myself

Remember how you feel what someone says something nice to you. Well if you’re like me its good for you and you like how it makes you feel. Is not what I’m saying true?

Here’s what I accomplish when I do this. I’m talking to myself and giving myself compliments. I do this for other people all the time and then I realized why can’t I do this for myself and make myself feel better? Well guess what it really works.

Add More Octane to the Compliment

And if you want to give this process an additional boost do it in the bathroom while you’re looking in the mirror. Sound crazy maybe it looks that way but it really works.

Create Your Own Compliment List

So step into your private office and run the water to disguise what you’re saying and enjoy the benefits of improving the quality of your life. Oh and don't forget to create your own compliment list depending on what you want to say to yourself.

Happy Daters Are Better Daters

Don L. Terrill

photo by Baltimike