A Note Brought Them Together

Found His Belongings on the Front Porch

Jim was a tall lanky person. He had married twice and both ended in divorce. Jim's first marriage started while he was working an oil rig in upper Michigan. He was frequently away from home weeks at a time. On this occasion he was away for one month. When he returned home, he found all his processions in the enclosed front porch. He found a note on the front door. It read, I want a divorce; I’ve found someone else. As soon as you relocate, mail me your address and Ill send the divorce papers to you. His second marriage ended in a similar fashion.
Needless to say Jim had a bitter taste in his mouth about dating etc. Because of this, he just stopped trying to find his soul mate.

Found a Note in His Truck

Jim in time patched his brain back in order and acquired a job working for an apartment complex in a small town in lower part of the state of Michigan. He always had a habit of leaving his drivers side window in the open position. One Sunny day he opened his truck door and observed a piece of paper on his from seat. It was a note from a girl he met while fixing a plumbing problem in her Mothers apartment. It said, I would very much like to have lunch with you. Please call my Mother, if you have a mind to. I’m temporarily staying with my Mother in apt 704, till I find anther place to stay. Jim showed me the note and asked me what to do. He said I don’t know what she sees in me. He said she was short, slim and a gorgeous looking person. He and my other co-worker urged him to call her. Two weeks later they moved in together.

Love Found Then Lost

He was right, they didn’t seem to match. It was like mating a swan with a donkey. Personally, I thought he was headed for disaster number three. I’m glad to report, I was one hundred percent wrong. Whenever you saw them, they were always holding hands. Their commitment to each other lasted over two years; then fate dealt them a fatal blow. She developed a lung decease and passed in a matter of days.

Shortly after this tragedy, I moved to a different state. I often wonder how Jim is doing. I can only hope that Jim finds another note, so life can begin again for him.

Try to Note or Etc but do try

I’m sharing this story with you in the hope you will see and understand that there are literally an infinity of ways you can introduce yourself to someone. So get busy and introduce yourself anyway you can think of. Failing to try, will predict your future and that's no future.

This has taught me a serious lesson. Life can change in a heartbeat, so I love, love, all I can.

That’s my Story and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by General Wesc