A Fire Brougth Them Together

No Goal No Touchdown

I have lots of goals and each time I reach one I grow bigger at being a better human being. No goals keep me where I am and that’s just not good enough for me. It’s like making a goal while playing football, its one step closer to being the best at what ever your reaching for.

And goal setting and reaching those goals is critically helpful in finding that special person or keeping that special persons heart close to your heart. After all why find that special person and then let that special person slip thru your fingers because you stopped making points to keep them on your team. And never forget love only stays while the signals are saying I love you.

Jack was a person with a goal in mind. Jack owned a rental business that furnished pool tables and a whole assortment of games that challenged players to win. So Jack understood the process of trying to achieve at something in his life.

Now that the business could support more then himself Jack focused his vision on a special person that as of today has only spoken to him thru a bullet proof glass at his local bank drive in. He told me during our conversation that he didn’t even know her name, but something keep telling him don’t give up.

She Was First to Say Hey

Then one day the bank caught on fire while he was attempting to turn into the drive in via a side road. Fire trucks quickly blocked his ability to move his truck so he got out and tried to move closer to see what was happening. Little did he know that fate was going to do him a favor. Without realizing it Jill the teller of interest was standing behind him and then a voice he thought he recognized compelled him to turn around. And what he viewed totally consumed him and then she finally said hey and he heyed back. And that hey opened the door and seven months later they got married at Niagara Falls.

Which brings me to a story learned in school Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill fell after him.

You never know when a voice will lure you to them. So go ahead and turn around and take a chance. My thought your turn.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wili_hybrid