Ken Made the First Move

So How Did You Meet Your Last Possibility?

Chances are you played know part in making it happen or it happened with know effort on your part.

Chance brought Ken and Sally together. Recently we had a DirecTV installed at our residence and while that was happening the cable service was being disconnected by an attractive belt carrying feminine person.

During this activity they both talked. At one point Ken asked how the cable business was going? She responded by saying business was nearly at a stand still; she said the only work she’s been getting is removing cable service to soon to be x customers.

Ken Made the First Move

Ken made a special effort to remove himself from the roof and give her his personal card on which he wrote the number of a contact where she could inquire about getting a sub-contracting job with his satellite company. During this encounter they spend more time then needed to pass a card from one to another.

Their Smile Said Maybe?

Seeing the smile they both showed each other I can only surmise that maybe more smiles with each other might be in the offering.

No I can’t tell the future but it sure looked like a connection was in their future. Personally I hope so because they looked liked they might be able to make happy music together.

In my travels I’m always looking to understand how people meet and I just think I viewed another one. I’m constantly amazed how easy it is and how fast the connection is made when souls try to know each other.

So Do Something

So play your part and find the part that matches you and then make a move of some sort. I wish you all the good feelings that wellness brings when hearts find each other.

Don L. Terrill

photo by kevinzim