They Met at the B.A.B

Beach Walkers

Barb and Jack lived across the street from each other but didn’t really meet until they both journeyed thru the maze of divorce. Barb was in her early thirties and Jack seven years her senior. It’s funny that they never really talked while sharing the same street. But that’s how strange life is sometimes.

Then one night they meet at the B.A.B. (translation Bare Ass Beach) this was the local watering hole where many a young man walked the sandy beach to demonstrate his manhood. Those who did this were called the beach walkers (mainly because their manhood showed greater promise). Life has told me that size doesn’t matter, but I think, that may not, be entirely true.

Jack could have been a beach walker but I think his modesty held him back. On this particular night four of us young ins were camping out on the beach trying to catch fish, which seldom happened. Then Jack arrived and quickly shed his garments and jumped in the creek via an unused railroad bridge.

While Jack was in the water four slightly intoxicated ladies arrived to view the contents of the local place that their mothers probably told them to avoid, because nakedness romped free there. The ladies with bottles in hand chose the high view of the bridge and watched as Jack exited the water. They exited stage left giggling and jack glowed red in the moonlight. (Translation is was embarrassed)

Sometime later Barb observed Jack cutting the grass and came over to apologize for acting so foolish. Jack slightly flushed apologized also for demonstrating inappropriate behavior in a public place. And that was their first meeting, which eventually lead to I Do.

I wonder if they Ever told their Children how they Met?

So doing something got them together. So what are you doing to make your meeting happen? No happen no meeting. Maybe walking across the street will make your moment happen. And maybe that moment will show something to you?

Don L. Terrill

photo by mike@bensalem