Should the Man Always Be the Aggressor?


Junes Mother always told her that the man should be the aggressor and say the first words that bring the dating process into motion. So every week when her dream man came in to pay for the gas and coffee she just smiled and hoped today would be the day he spoke the special words to her. But today was no different then all the other days he walked in and smiled and that was the smile that make her weak in the knees.

She Offered to Buy His Coffee

But this day was going to be different, because June was tired of waiting and had decided to take control of the situation and get herself noticed. And sure enough when her dream man walked to the counter she said if you don’t mind I would like to buy that coffee for you? He smiled and said thank you.

He Then Offered to Buy Her Coffee

On their next meeting he offered to buy her coffee and she said thank you. And because of that little effort on her part they finally started the ball rolling and in time they both smiled while a special person spoke special words to them and they shared special words with each other.

Every day all over the world people take that little step toward someone and sometimes that’s a step that brings happiness and bonds their togetherness with love.

So once again someone does one little thing and two hearts find themselves on the same page in the songbook of life.

On many occasions in my life I have had the privilege and honor to help two people move one step closer to each other. After all I’m happy and why shouldn’t everyone else feel the same way. So maybe today you can help two people say hey and find that special thing for each other. Or make your move and smile at someone special to you. Either way will make yourself a better person and the world can always use another special person to make the world a better place for saying hey.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mikebaird


Don't Just Wait for Fate, Do Something

No Action No Cows

Phil visited Cosco’s probably more then other members. But like all of us he had a motive in mind and she was a special girl called Jill. But Jill didn’t know she was someone’s special thought and thoughts not brought to life by words or gestures don’t make the cows come home at night.

But sometimes fate lends a special hand and helps bring two hands together. Today Jill was attending to her Mothers needs by helping her Mother get X rays required by her family doctor. And guess who was her attending nurse when she woke up in the recovery room? Yep you got it, it was Phil and this gave him the opportunity to meet his future mother in law up close and personal.

They Connected

Finally Jill was allowed to visit her Mother and like in the Magic Kingdom she meets Phil and quickly remembered seeing Phil many times at Cosco’s. And according to Phil he spent more time then usual assisting Jill’s Mother.

When Phil shared this story with me this is as far as the story got before Jill arrived to share a hot dog with him. So I cant tell you the ending. But something inside my thinking tells me that, that special something happened to them and that closed the space between them.

Either One Could Have Been It Happen Sooner

Sure life brought them together, but they could have done that just as easily. And it could have happened just like this. How about sharing a coke with me? Or can I buy you lunch tomorrow?

The way that people meet doesn’t matter, what matters is that words need to be spoken in the hope of sharing time together. Waiting for fate to drive up and give you a ride is chance-e at best and seldom in real life brings two loving hearts together. So its up to you and isn’t it better to try and eventually make the sun shine, shine bright in your life?

Don L. Terrill

photo by colros