Class Reunions Good Places to Ignite Old Relationships

Unkind Words Severed Their Relationship

Carol & Troy were go togethers during their last two years of high school and then just prior to graduation words poorly selected drove a wedge between them and going together became a memory of their past.

Then their class like all graduation classes posted their first class reunion. And both Carol & Troy decided to revisit the past with no expectations on their agenda accept meeting old friends and remembering the good times they had while trying to fill their minds with book learning.

A Tap Brought Them Together

Carol arrived first and didn’t notice Troy till he tapped her on the shoulder and that prompted a hug that seemed to contain more then just a casual hey to each other. But getting back together wasn’t destined to happen at their first re meeting together. But fate wasn’t going to let them get away that easy.

Two weeks later they crossed paths again at a local eatery and shared lunch together. Carol my source for this article remembered their talking was only about the now and didn’t delve much in their past together. She said it was like they were both different now and being together was a brand new relationship.

On One Knee

It took them about three months of sharing time together to get Troy to get on one knee and say for the first time to her that love is what he felt for her and hoped it was a mutual feeling both shared about each other.

Carol confessed it caught her by surprise and even held her speechless for a moment. She said I didn’t see it coming and because of that needed about fifteen seconds to conjure up and arrange the necessary words to say yes I will marry you and yes I love you too.

Looking for some place to meet someone? Maybe that place is a class reunion and maybe you’ll find someone that remembers a smile that you once shared with them and that smile still lingers in their memory.

Here’s hoping that smiles finds you.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Alan Light