Don't Leap Till Your Ready

Don't Invest in a Relationship until your Positive it's going to Work

Were all guilty of this misguided behavior. If the world built bridges every time they thought we needed one we would be knee deep in structures we didn’t need or want. All to often we invest our emotions and hopes and then find ourselves shortchanged by someone who didn’t feel the same way we did. Life will connect us with many encounters of the close kind. But that doesn’t mean that they will all work out. Mixing with people and finding out how we feel is a lesson that’s not taught in a classroom. Its best learned by being part of the human race. Just because someone shows you affection doesn’t mean their preparing to sweep you off your feet.

Smelling Good Isn't Enough

Life is like living in a trash barrel. No matter what you do sometimes life just stinks. When your in one of these moods don’t be eager to engage someone in the journey leading to a date at the alter. Just because someone comes along and they smell better then your life doesn’t mean you should flap your wings and fly off into the sunset with them. On the contrary during one of these foul smelling moods one should retreat to the nearest liquor store and buy large quantities of liquid medicine and then barricade yourself in the closet. Oh and don’t forget the medicine that will sedate you till the smell of mendacity clears your head and you see the folly of what your thinking of doing.


Wow I love having the opportunity to use the word mendacity. I learned this word from a movie many years ago called The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof. The main three actors were Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and Burl Ives. Burl Ives was the person who was dying of cancer and wasn’t being told the truth. That’s when he said something like I think I sense the smell mendacity in the air. Even today that’s still a cool movie to watch.

Keep Your Good Sense About You

Sometimes we all put our good sense to sleep and avoid reality and just go ahead and do what ever feels good at the moment. This type of behavior is ok for most things but getting married is not one of them. Most marriages whether we like the truth or not end in divorce and that’s a burden best avoided if at all possible.

Drum First

If your considering excepting or giving a marriage proposal and haven’t given it due consideration; here’s what I suggest you do. First get a large empty metal drum and place it over your head and then hit it repeatedly with a hammer until common sense flows back into veins of your brain. If this doesn’t work use the hammer directly to you skull and stop doing same when the idea vanishes from your brain. If this doesn’t work build a bridge and hopefully a bird will fly by and crap on your parade and that smell will awake your comatose brain back to reality and you will decide to continue to claim only one dependent when you file your income tax information.

Remember Mendacity

Remember the cat and the smell of mendacity and stay single until the smell clears your nose. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wallyg