Dream of Finding that Special Person

Use your Dreams to Meet People

Dreams are like the light at the end of the tunnel. We see it but never reach it. But maybe that’s the best way to try a thought out. In our dreams all things are possible. Even jumping tall buildings in a single bound. Dreams are not what we will do; they are what we want to do. And maybe they are possible if they’re exposed to the light of day.

I Love Dreaming

Why are we so shy to share our dreams? Maybe it because dreams are easy to have and hard to make. I think also that we find comfort in this part of our mind and the things that are stored there. This is the place where planes fly with no wings, homes are build without nails and love finds refuge were no one can touch it.

I Dreamed of Love

When I was a child I dreamed of many things. Some of them have come to pass, while others sit idle hoping for a ride to reality. When I was really young I had two dreams one was to become rich and then lavish my Mother (who I had never met) with all the worldly goods money could buy. My other dream was to build a facility where children could go to find shelter from the cold. I conceived the building would house all the children of the world. And there they would find the security they sorely needed. Each child would have there own room and that room locked from the inside and no one could enter unless they wanted them to. I guess that was the perception I had of life at that juncture in my life. It’s was hard for me to understand why my brother and I had no mother or father. And I’m not sure that either one of us asked the question out loud. I’m not even sure we understood the concept and reality of what it felt like to be part of a proper family. Where hugging was common and someone tucked us in at night. Sadly enough my brother and I never truly understood the concept of love and how that love bonded people together.

We Never Shared Our Dreams

I’m sure that my brother had dreams but for some reason we never talked about them. I guess like me he choice to keep his dreams to himself. Today were many years older and I wonder if he has any dreams still waiting for him to active and bring to life. Maybe someday before the sun sets in my life, Ill ask him and then maybe we can put some questionable memories to rest; where they can find peace.

Maybe dreams give us a place where we all find a sense of wellness. A place where we can hide from the world. And maybe dreams come true even if they don’t see the day of light.

Use your dreams and see yourself meeting people and in time finding the love of your life.That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Nicobobinus