Jerk Less Date Better

Being a Jerk won't get you the results your looking for

When I was in Long Beach, California I was under age and subject to a night curfew. That didn’t concern me too much, mainly because I didn’t have any place to stay anyway. Then one night while walking down an alley I was stopped handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car. They told me I violated curfew and told me they were going to take me home this time rather then booking me. They asked me where I lived, I said anywhere I can. They thought I was being a smart ass and booked me into a juvenile detention center. They gathered information from me and then placed me in a room that had one window, a bed, a stool and a slot in the door were they pushed food thru for the occupant of the room.

Bad Words

Four days straight a man entered my room and fooled around with the heating unit and then before he left asked me how I was doing. I responded by saying two words, which weren’t nice. The man then left without saying anything. I was allowed to exit the room once a day and take a shower.

I Got the Message

Then on the fifth day I finally realized what was going on and acted accordingly. Once again this gentlemen came in fooled with the heater and repeated the same question he asked the four previous days. This time when he asked how I was doing? I said ok and that was the magic key that got me out of confinement.

Want Help Don't be a Jerk

The people in charge asked me if I had some place to go? I said yes even thought they and I knew I didn’t. I just wanted out. I think they knew I was homeless but they let me go anyway.
From time to time they would catch me after curfew, but this time they would just wave or asked me if I would like something to eat. The answer to that question was always yes and they would treat me to a burger and fries. In about two weeks they told me where to go and who to talk to for a job interview. It was a hamburger place that looked like a railroad train and I became a short order cook. The boss was a nice guy and I really had a good time. The owner also rented rooms which were only two blocks away and that’s where I stayed.

Less Jerking More Dates

I learned that being nice produces better results then being a jerk. So if your looking for a date drop the jerk stuff. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by KateMonkey