Keep Control of Your Actions

Chemical Process

I honestly believe there is a chemical process that goes on in our brain that controls are ability to think straight during the mating ritual. This chemical in essence blind sides us and helps perpetuate the human race. This over whelming desire should be considered and checked with preventive measures so that it doesn’t over ride our common sense and good judgment.

Love & Perpetuation are Two Different Things

Facing reality on this issue will help prevent one of life’s biggest pitfalls. No matter what your thoughts are on the subject ignoring same wont likely produce the results your hoping for. Putting our heads in the ground like a long necked animal has not worked in the past and is not likely to work in the future. Some how every person must face this situation prior to the probability of it happening and select a course of action. Keeping a tight focus on the ramifications of our future actions will certainly give us thoughts to ponder.

Get the Love Thing First

We as human beings must realize that this process has noting to do with the mating of two human hearts. To think otherwise is the thinking of a closed mind. So seeing it for what it is and acting accordingly is the thinking of an open mind. This article is not about the right and wrongness of this subject matter, it’s about the reality of life and the choices we have available to us.

My Decision not Ours

For me this reality was a no brainier and was my decision and my decision alone to make. I chose to eliminate my ability to increase the density of our planet. This decision was not greeted with approval from my dating partner. I was told I should have confided with her first before making such a mind-altering choice. I hurt because she left but stand steadfast behind my decision. This is my body and I am the sole person who will consider whether I do or don’t on this train of thinking.

Think Hard First

How you approach this is up to you and the results there of will be your responsibility to face and deal with. Learning from ourselves and viewing the results of others is a possible way to help conclude decisions you might want to make in your life. On this subject every fiber of your brain should be used to understand and evaluate what this subject matter is all about.


Remember this above all things. You are the most special person on the face of the earth and there is only one of you in the entire universe. That makes you priceless and cant be replaced. Think this thought when you confront the chemical process. It might give you the insight to stop and pause for a moment and maybe this moment will help you see the value of what your doing and act accordingly.

Dating is Hard

But don't confuse sex and love as the same thing, because it isn't. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by merfam