Read Between the Lines

An Indiscretion Could be Harmful

I met Lisa while having a beer at the local pub in my hometown. The bar was called the Pine Pub and it was a popular watering hole right across the street from the police department. It was an old building and sometimes you would see something scurry by your vision but it didn’t seem to matter to those who enjoyed the atmosphere the place provided. I always sat at the bar I liked having the opportunity to talk and the bartenders always accommodated their customers by listening or sharing their thoughts.

We Enjoyed a Bud Together

Then one night a very attractive lady sat down next to me. See said hi and I think I just smiled. She watched the TV and from time to time commented on what was going on. The next day she showed up again and we started talking like we knew each other. Eventually I introduced myself and we moved closer to each other. She wore no wedding ring so I assumed she was single. That was my first mistake and another big mistake was soon to follow. Here comes the big mistake. After probably one too many drinks she suggested we wonder over to her home and find ourselves a more comfortable way to communicate with each other. She drove because my car was in the shop for repairs, that proved to be a good thing, which will become clear later also.

Smooch Then Head lights

We arrived at her home and settled down to smooching on the sofa. All was well till the headlights of a car shined thru the front window of the house. She leaped up and proclaimed in horror that her husband just drove in and I needed to leave via the back door. I not fully clothed gathered my apparel, shoes in hand and exited the back door running like the wind. But too my surprise I didn’t see the clothes line in the back yard. I connected with same chest high with such force that my feet rose up off the ground and I landed flat on my back. I so startled myself that I could hardly make it over the wooden fence, which was the last obstacle I faced before finding my freedom in the alley.

Honesty & Sex Don't Seem to Go Together

Is there something to be learned here? Yes do not assume your companion is being honest with you and also don’t drink too much and become stupid or more stupid depending on what your norm is. Some people are die hard liars. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face.

Lesson Learned

This incident taught me a dear lesson. People don’t always tell the truth, because they have an agenda, which conflicts with telling the truth. Why people lie is puzzlement to me. I like all people have stretched the truth at one time or another. I personally am a non-convincing liar. I guess that's why I don’t gamble as a rule. My words and face give me away.

Lying is Always a Bad Thing

It’s been my experience that lying never helps and almost always causes more problems then it cures. Most people I know prefer hearing the truth then getting a line of baloney. I make one exception for baloney and that’s the kind you buy in the meat section of the grocery store. I especially like ring baloney.

Lies Make Fools of us All

A lie may also catch you with your pants down and then knock you off your feet and that really hurts when you hit the ground. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo twoblueday