You Date Better When You Feel Better

Unhappiness Hinders the Dating Process

For most of us dating is a difficult project and frequently stresses us out. To help relieve this condition may I suggest the following approach.

Stay Relaxed

Keeping yourself relaxed is a very simple thing to do and there are so many ways to achieve this state of mind.


I like many people of the the world have been challenged by the dark world of depression. Depression is slowly becoming an acceptable word in our society. Not to long ago people concealed their depression and tried to solve it themselves. I am a depressed person from time to time. But I’m glad to report that I have become a better controller of my unhappiness. Today I am almost the master of my feelings and it’s a great way to feel. Perhaps my simplicity will be of help to you.

The Simple Things work the Best for Me

I have tried many approaches on this subject and for me the simple approaches work best.
All to often we look to Doctors and medication to solve our problems and ignore simple remedies that have been practiced for generations.

Magic Pill

Sometimes I’m more vulnerable then other times: when this happens I take the magic pill and in short time I’m back to being ok. I’m grateful to live at a time in our evolution that offer many options to many problems. To those who spend their life finding solutions I extend my grateful gratitude. For without you we would still be using sticks to start fires.

Magic Bullet for Me

Relaxation thinking has been the magic bullet for me. Many moons ago the love of my life taught me a very simple breathing technique, which has probably been around since the being of time. During one of my episodes my wife suggested I breath deeply and let the air out slowly. I tried it, even though in my mind I couldn’t imagine such a simple thing would really work on such a difficult thing in my life. Boy was I surprised. It like stopped my system from running out of control and made me feel better. Imagine sitting in your car with the gearshift in neutral and gas pedal pushed flat to the floor. This would cause the motor to run full speed. Now release your foot from the pedal and the motor returns to idle speed. That’s what happens in the body when people have panic situations and the solution is to calm you down. Deep breathing is an aid in slowing you body’s motor down to an idle speed.

The Power of Breathing

Don’t underestimate the power of deep breathing and the releasing of the air slowly from your lungs. I use this approach regularly and highly recommend to everyone. And there are no side affects, that I know of and doesn’t cost you, an arm or leg to use.

So Breath on and Date Better. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Paradigm