Magnetic Attraction

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Magnetic Attraction
by Cucan Pemo

If you are still single and yearning for that someone special to come into your life, to share your life, and to share all the laughter and joy of being together, there is something you could do to attract your true love like a magnet!

(1)You must believe you are able to attract true love.

This is important! In order to attract or re-attract your true love, not just any type of lovers, to come into your life, you have to believe you are able to attract the right person into your life.

True love comes to you not because of chance. Instead, it comes to you because of who you are. It comes 'THROUGH' you, it does not come to you.

You attract the people in your life because of who you are. If you are someone who is always cheery, generous, kind, and hardworking, then it is very likely you will
attract people who have one or more of your positive attributes. Whoever you attract into your lives is a REFLECTION of who you are at that moment. Thus if you are someone who is always doubtful of your own ability and capability to meet the right person, then it is very likely you will attract the wrong person into your life!

(2)Love others who come into your life at this moment.

Being loving to others is perfect love, not just wanting love.

Open up your heart and give your love to others as well while you are waiting for your someone special to enter your life. When you open up and give more love, more love will return and be given you too.

This is the law of give and receive. When you go outside and socialize, do not go with the intention of only wanting to find love, or to find your Mr/Mrs Right.

Instead, take an interest in all those that you encounter, be aware of their welfare and needs as
well. If you start to take an interest in other people's welfare and needs instead of only your own, more people will be attracted to you.

So, detach yourself from the feeling that you want to find that someone special. The right person will definitely come to you one day and be attracted to you because of who you are. He or she might must be around in a corner thinking: "Hey, I want to get to know this person who has so much magnetism and optimism. How can I approach him/her?"

(3)Expect less from other people and give more instead.

As you give more and more love to others, be careful not to become too much focused on your own wants and needs.

In wanting or expecting to experience the love we want, we suffer. We crave, and we cling to what we do not have and we even refuse to let go what we have clung to.

Your giving should not come with any conditions. Instead, the love you give should want less and less. As your love wants less and less, ironically you will find more love coming your way, even without you asking for it.

Give true love, so that it opens up and embrace the world. Very soon, you will find that someone special entering your life.

It is not by chance that this person has entered your life, but you have cultivated the 'seeds' to bring him/her to you, not just any type of person, but the right and true one for you.

And after he/she has entered your life, continue to cultivate even more 'seeds' of love for everyone around you, and you will find that you can easily create the 'magical' relationship that you desire effortlessly.

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