Personal Cards & Checks Help Make Connections

Lured Suitors by Checks & Personal Cards

Yesterday while sitting in my dentist office I learned a new way to connect with people. Her name was Mary and the two of us were waiting to be drilled by the dentist.

Like always when a captive person is in my proximity I ask questions in the hope of gaining new information concerning the dating process. So I asked my waiting companion if she would be willing to tell me how she meets persons that are of interest to her. And with little hesitation she replied by paying for things by check or giving them my personal card.

Carried Two Check Books

I replied that I understand how the personal card works but how do persons of interest to you detect your interest when you give them a check. She said I carry two different check books one is for regular transactions and the other checks contain words that indicate I’m interested in them and suggest they call me and see if a mutual feeling might be cultivated between them.

Please Contact if Interested

And without hesitation she volunteered to allow me to view the enticing check in question. And in clear view at the top of the check were the following words. I sense a feeling of interest if mutual please call or email me. And then she would denote on check carbon copy who she gave the check to for future reference.

She volunteered the fact that giving out checks of this kind didn’t happen a lot and only a small percentage of those receiving her special check returned her interest by contacting her. But she said she’s now seeing one of the check receivers and things are going well for them.

Pointed Out Top of Check

Oh and I failed to mention that when she gave someone one of her special checks she would always suggest they read the top of the check before she exited their presence.

I thanked her for her kindness in sharing and then the nurse beckoned me in for a long over due cleaning.

Once again the ball is in your court and making a connection requires action on your part.