Laws for Men on How to Attract Women

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Laws for Men on How to Attract Women
by James Bradley

"Attraction is not a choice."
-David DeAngelo

Interesting quote, but what does this mean to us guys? In short, women are conditioned to respond to certain signals, traits, and physical characteristics. It is not that they CHOOSE to be attracted to bad boys, or athletes, or wealthy businessmen. Rather, evolution has conditioned them to be attracted to these types of men, because they execute the right actions and behaviors that send off attraction signals in women's brains. Talk about having chemistry!

The good news is, You don't HAVE to be wealthy, athletic, or a bad boy to successfully attract women. You just have to ACT like them. You just have to know what behaviors, attitudes, and actions they have that WORK in impressing and seducing women.

Now, onto the 3 laws of attraction!

Rule #1: Demonstrate High Social Status

There are lots of great ways to do this, including peacocking, which is a popular term for dressing up in outrageous outfits and hair styles; being energetic; and using your popularity--the principle of social proof. When women see you socializing with bartenders, managers, and club/bar owners, this proves that you are popular--and desirable.

So get to know everyone at the places you go to: the party hosts, the bartenders, the owners, the managers, everyone. When women notice you're in a position of importance and popularity, they WILL become attracted to you--even if they don't realize it!

Rule #2: Make Impressions

A great way to attract a woman is to make a memorable impressions. It doesn't matter how good you look, how tall you are, how wealthy you are--all you have to do is leave a good memory of who you are. Make a woman remember you. You can do this in a number of ways, including:

Ask how she's doing with confidence

A simple, "Hey, what's up?" in a relaxed tone goes a long way towards making a girl remember you. This is especially effective with retail clerks and waitresses. Don't act too interested in what she has to say--just say it in a slow, cool, DEEP tone of voice that sends their emotional chemicals buzzing! Say this with a relaxed, open body and good posture. The truth is, when you understand what body language and tonality cues work, you will attract women with ease.

TEASE her:

Show your confidence in yourself by joking about a girl's hair or occupation. You can say, "Wow, you put a lot of effort into that hairstyle, huh?" or if she says she's a model or dancer, say, "Huh, just a model, eh? Well, that's nice." Acting unimpressed, ironically, will make her impressed. Girls are used to having guys fawn over them, so to do the opposite of what she expects will go a long way, to your advantage. This proves you don't need any woman's validation, to feel attractive. Hate to say it, but women want a man who doesn't need them to feel good about himself. Don't believe anything else.

Joke About Other Guy's Failure:

This is a great technique where you can use other guys' pickup failures to your advantage. If a guy says something really cheesy or stupid, just say to her, "Man, you must get that all the time." Or just go up to her and say, "See that guy over there? He's got the WORST BO in the world!"

Find out more methods, including how to make her laugh and tell great stories, by ordering my Mastery Course now. You can start with the free How to Be Irresistible to Women six-part audio course and move from there.

Rule #3: Be Funny in An Attractive, Cocky Way

As you can tell from the methods above, humor is great way of attracting women. Women just seem to love laughing, and when you think about it, you can't blame them: Who wants to be with a boring guy? Especially if they're thinking of settling down with a guy in a relationship, they want a guy who can keep things interesting, humorous, and not too serious. Humor does just that. Some great ways to make a girl laugh include:


This is where karaoke is great--you can poke fun at yourself and be a clown. It shows you're comfortable with yourself, fun, and not too serious.


As long as you don't use it against her too much, wit can be a great thing. It shows intelligence and humor.

Observational Humor:

Observing funny things like a clumsy waiter or a guy whose face looks like his dog's is a great way of making a girl laugh.


Telling a great story and showcasing how ridiculous something was, is a surefire way to leave an impression. Having a lot of anecdotes ready to tell a girl is a great way of making an impression, and attracting her.

Cocky comedy:

This amazing technique, pioneered by David DeAngelo, is an incredible way of both demonstrating high social status, and of making her laugh. Generally, you want to break her balls and BREAK HER STATE. Take her out of her element, tease her in front of her group. Show that you don't need her, and especially that you don't need her for self-validation. Very powerful stuff, and something I discuss in detail in my audio lesson on Building Higher Status.

There are all kinds of additional ways to attract women, and truthfully, not enough can be written on the subject. But this should give you a start to your understanding of what women want.

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What People Want in Relationships

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What People Want in Relationships
By Cucan Pemo

I have been a long time student of the area of study known as "influence" and "persuasion". Truth is, I find that I get to know and understand my lover and partner BETTER - ONLY after I can better understand "MYSELF"!!

1. Understand what your partner wants

Your partner is often a reflection of WHO YOU ARE and where you are at so I urge you to try and observe and study yourself and your partner.

Being human beings we are always looking for opportunities for advancement. People, including you or your partner, want to learn, to sharpen our skills, or learn new ones.

When we go into a relationship or marriage there is always something that we want to learn out of it. If we are able to grow and develop as a human being in this relationship we want to keep it and stay in it for as long as we can.

There is no reason why anyone would want to walk out of a relationship if this want is being fulfilled.

This is why it is important you maintain healthy social life and active lifestyle so that you are constantly learning new things and having new experiences to share with your loved ones!

This is why experts encourage you to never stop dating and having fun in your relationship life!

And this is also why YOU have to allow the opportunity for your partner to find growth opportunities with you. Give him or her the freedom to learn, grow, and advance spiritually as a human being.

Help him/her grow.

2. People really do want to know that they do a good job in their relationship.

This applies to both YOU yourself and your partner!

Note: This is a want!

Understanding this, you would realize that when people are frustrated by too many rules, a not-so-understanding-and- appreciative partner, and red tape in a relationship, they'll want to look for elsewhere to breathe. Or, they'll gravitate towards someone else who can make them feel appreciated.

And you wouldn't want this to happen!

To help your partner stay in the relationship or marriage, give them the care and understanding they deserve. Also, try to understand and realize what it is that your partner seek from the relationship.

Don't ever try to ask your mate what is it they want. At times, they'll even find it hard to answer you. They might respond with things like "I don't know what I want", "I don't know who I am", etc. etc

Make a study of all the people around you. Observe them. Ask yourself why are you behaving the way you are. Why is your mate behaving and thinking the way he/she is.

I guaranteed you that you'll learn more about yourself and your mate than you'll learn in school and from textbooks . In schools, they don't even teach these stuff!

3. People want to do something meaningful in their work and their life!

Many people mistakenly thought that once they go into a relationship with their partners they can dictate how their partners live their life.

This is not true love.

All of us, including you and your partner, want to do something meaningful in their work today and life today. We are constantly looking for ways to make a difference, either for ourselves, for other people or for our loved ones!

And yes, this is a need. It is that which makes us feel alive as a human.

For many women, they define their relationships as their most meaning work in life. But women, remember that this is not true for most men. Men might define something else as their meaningful work in life and you have to work around looking after your needs and his needs as well. The same goes for men.

Don't dictate how your mate is going to live his/her life. At times, they need to go through certain aspects of life and circumstances to learn powerful lessons from them. They might meet with certain obstacles and difficulties that may directly or indirectly affect his/her relationship with you.

What you can do is to offer your support, care and understanding. May the light be with you!

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