Rejection, Fear in relation to Dating

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Rejection, Fear in relation to Dating
By Devlyn Steele, Life Coach

Single again? As we travel through life, we often end up single. There are many reasons why. It could be the result of meeting the wrong person, death, cheating, lies, divorce, location, goals, and more.

Losing a relationship impacts us in many ways. It can be very painful, or it can be very refreshing, or anywhere in-between. No matter what the cause or the degree of pain, there is one truth we all share: We don't want to end up alone. We want companionship.

In order to get into a new relationship, we must be willing to meet and go out with people. It's our own fear, however, that often gets in the way.
  • We fear being rejected.
  • We fear having a bad time.
  • We fear getting hurt.
  • We fear having to reject someone else.
All these fears are valid yet easily overcome. If someone rejects you, it only means that that person feels you are not right for them. Believe me, there is someone else who would love to be with you. You have to accept rejection as part of the process of meeting the right person. It is only through trying that we will be able to get to the person that's best for you.

Many dates and relationships don't work out. You may look back and think of it as a bad time. It is all right to have a bad time. Only through bad dates do we get to the good dates. It is through our bad relationships that we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what we want, to then approach relationships with more knowledge to succeed.

No one wants to get hurt, but if we do not dare to fall in love and get hurt, we cannot be in love. Getting hurt is part of the process. We do get through it and the pain does go away. The best part is there is new love waiting for you just around the corner.

You may also be fearful of rejecting someone. The truth is that you are not obligated to stay with someone who isn't right for you. Rejection is a natural part of the dating and relationship process.

Change how you look at rejection and see it as a favor. When you reject someone, you are releasing him or her to go find someone who will truly appreciate that person. Look at it that way also when someone rejects you. After all, do you really want to be with someone who doesn't want you? It's better to be free to find someone who actually wants to be with you.

Can you predict the future? I can't. In fact, most of us don't think we can. Yet we continue to believe in self-limiting thoughts about the future. We believe so firmly in these thoughts that we allow them to stop us from moving forward and realizing opportunities.

Instead of predicting pain, I can predict for you that if you embrace the dating process instead of watching life pass you by, you will have both good and bad times. I can also predict that these good and bad times will lead you to even better times.
Embrace the journey and release your fear.

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Signs when a Girl Wants You to Approach Her

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Signs when a Girl Wants You to Approach Her
By Giuseppe Notte

Walking down the street, you usually feast your eyes on the hot ladies going by and say to yourself, "I'd do her!" Has it ever occurred to you that men are not alone in this? Yes, my friend, women do the same!

During your everyday life, whether you're on the subway, walking in the local shopping mall or dancing in your favorite club, girls notice you and measure you in the same way. They might not say, "I'd do him," but they may be open to meeting you and going further.

Most guys just live their lives and never notice when a woman is eyeing them. But what if you approached her? Just think about how many of these opportunities to meet wonderful girls you've lost in the past! Countless, no doubt!

Here are a few examples: A girl walking in front of you who looks into your eyes and smiles is giving you a sign of interest. When you're on the bus and a certain girl maintains her proximity to you (even if you sit or stand somewhere else), she is showing a sign of interest. Maybe you notice out of the corner of your eye that a girl is looking at you from time to time. Or the girl sitting next to you is fixing her hair, putting on makeup or doing something else to get your attention.

Most of these women are waiting for you to make your move! Even though it's sometimes subconscious for them as well, if you read the signs correctly, she is SURE to respond to you positively.

If you've got the courage to meet some wonderful girls this way, I will share my secret. This is a secret some authors are selling for a hell of a lot of $$$, and if I give it to you, you have to make a promise. You MUST promise to try it AT LEAST ONCE. Otherwise, close this window and go to RIGHT NOW! Deal?

OK. So you're staying with me. Don't forget your promise! The following approach requires balls, but it also works like a charm. In certain situations when you're pressed for time and you see a women showing you signs of interest (like those mentioned above), go up to her with a big smile on your face and say:

"Hi. You look like somebody I should get to know, but I'm in a hurry right now. Still, I don't want to pass by such a wonderful opportunity to meet someone like you. I'd like to see you again at a place where we can talk and get to know each other."

It's very important to SMILE and come off as casual and non-threatening. Like when you bump into a friend you haven't seen for a long time. If you interpreted her body language correctly and she really gave you an invitation to approach her, she'll agree to meet again. So, after she recovers from her initial (positive) shock, simply ask for her number -- then smile and carry on with whatever you were doing.

One more thing: Recognizing these signs is not easy if you've never done it before. So don't be afraid to practice, and don't be scared if you're rejected at times. After all, the girl you approach doesn't even know YOU. If she rejects you, she is only rejecting a stranger, not your real self. You see, it's very important not to take these things personally.

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12 Warning Signs in a Relationship

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12 Warning Signs in a Relationship
By Cucan Pemo

No one wants to think that their relationship might be in
trouble, but when you start to understand the warning signs,
you will be better able to prevent problems from becoming
too complicated or heartbreaking.

By looking for the follow twelve signs, you will begin to
understand just where your relationship may be cracking and
run to get the tools to hold it together.

1) Lack of interest

When your partner begins to stop paying attention to you
when you talk about your day or fails to ask about things
that you have been doing, you might want to look at the
health of your relationship. While partners can become
distracted every now and then, partners that suddenly cut
off communication and continue to do so are signs of

2) Boredom

If your partner begins to give you reason after reason that
they are bored, but refuses to do anything about it, you
might be having relationship troubles. A partner that isn't
willing to change the way that they feel or talk to you
about why they're feeling bored might be hiding another

3) Routine

Everyone gets into a routine at some point or another, but
when you aren't making any efforts to change that rut, you
are heading into dangerous waters. Relationships need
newness and change in order to remain exciting, and when the
appeal of such newness diminishes, that is a sign.

4) Late hours

When your partner is suddenly working longer hours without
any explanation as to why, you might want to ask him, or
her, what is going on in your partnership. Again, it could
just be that they are distracted with their work, but some
people like to hide in their profession, so it never hurts
to ask.

5) Dishonesty

Catching someone in a lie shows that your communication is
breaking down in your relationship, which is also a sign
that your relationship construct is faltering. You need to
be able to feel as though you can talk to each other
honestly. When this trust is something that you begin to
question, it is a definite sign that something is not right.

6) Harsh criticism

A partner that begins to criticize you for every little
thing that you do might be trying to signal that they are
less than happy with your current relationship. Instead of
talking about it in a constructive way, they are letting you
know by throwing their frustration onto you. While this
isn't fair or even called for, it is a sign that you might
have bigger problems.

7) Less communication

If you used to talk all the time, and now suddenly you
don't, this can be a sign of a relationship problem. Being
a couple means that you continue to share with each other
and grow along with each other. When one person cuts off
this dialog, you can create a distance bother emotionally
and physically. And in this distance can grow discontent.

8) More time away from home

Just as with the increase in work hours, partners that
suddenly take up a lot of interests outside of the home may
be signaling that they are not happy. Even if they're not
seeking out other partners, suddenly wanting to be apart for
longer and longer periods is not a sign of happiness.

9) Unwillingness to admit that there are problems

When you find that your partner is exhibiting some of these
signs and yet they insist that nothing is wrong, that can be
a sign that they are not willing to confront the problems
that you are having and might be trying to distance

10) Caution from friends

Sometimes, those people on the outside of our relationship
can see tings more clearly than we can within the context of
the relationship. In these cases, when your friends start
to tell you that something is wrong, take the time to listen
to them. They could be right.

11) Signs of affairs or cheating

Needless to say, when your partner is showing signs or
telling you about affairs, your relationship is lacking in
some manner. Going to someone else for emotional support is
the main cause of affairs and indicative of not feeling
trusted or cared for by their partner - even if the partner
is doing nothing wrong.

12) Lack of intimacy

When your bed becomes just a place to sleep, when it used to
be quite active, you can almost guarantee that there are
other problems going on. Sex is something that conveys
intimacy and trust between partners, so when it's suddenly
missing, it's a sign of problems.

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