Should A Woman Ask a Man on a Date?

Photo By: Ian M Butterfield

Should A Woman Ask a Man on a Date?
By Mimi Tanner (c)

There are times when you might feel that it's worth it. But generally speaking...

You definitely should not ask a man out on an official "date."

There are many, many other ways to get his attention (in order to get him to go after YOU).

There are also ways to spend time with him socially without asking him out.

One way is to include him in your circle of friends - by inviting him to a party.

This automatically makes his friendship with you more valuable. You've potentially expanded his social and maybe his business circle. Inviting him to a party is a way to see him socially without any pressure on you or him as a would-be couple!

That's just one idea of many ways to get a man's interest and attention.

Have a great day and remember to keep your flirt on!

P.S. "If you're a gifted flirt, talking about the price of eggs will do as well as any other subject." -- Mignon McLaughlin

It is my firm belief that any woman can flirt; in fact, most of us have an innate sense of how to flirt, even the shyest among us!

"Don't try to deny it!"

(You just heard a good flirting remark right there. Using that phrase will instantly spark a flirtatious atmosphere.)

People in my flirting class include many different types of women. Some women are already very good flirts and are seeking to improve their skills. Others are very shy and find it difficult to flirt. Still others may or may not be in the market to flirt right now, but they want to learn about this wonderful and passionate subject.

Flirting is something the best wives do with their husbands; the most sensuous women do with their boyfriends or would-be boyfriends; and it's something that even grandmothers do in their own way with the 'little men' in their lives - they make them feel ten feet tall.

Almost every relationship between a man and woman can be enhanced with some form of innocent - or not so innocent - flirting.

Flirting can happen in three ways - when you initiate the flirting; when someone else initiates the flirting with you; or those happy occasions when the flirting 'spontaneously combusts' and you both start flirting at the same time! As long as both are willing participants, it's absolute magic.

The enormous impact of flirting is generally unrecognized – it is considered to be an amusing pastime which can lead to some very pleasant feelings, and which can spark relationships. All that is true, but flirting is FAR more than that!

For example - how do you think you got into this world in the first place? It probably started out with some flirting!

I rest my case: flirting is massively important. Flirting changes lives and the course of history.

Flirting often starts at a tender age - usually in elementary school. If you think back to your school days, you're sure to remember a case of flirting - and it probably included a lot of blushing, too.

Flirting is extremely powerful behavior. Use with caution.

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